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August 2014

Tips for cozying up to your neighbors

Hosting a backyard cookout is one avenue for meeting your neighbors.
A home inspection can tell you a lot about a house you’re considering, but you’ll have to do some of your own legwork if you want to become more acquainted with your neighbors.

Reaching your home buying goals with a graduated payment mortgage

With a graduated payment mortgage, your interest rate goes up over time.
If you’re ready to give up apartment living for the luxury of owning a home but don’t have the income necessary to afford monthly home loan payments, you can consider a graduated payment mortgage.

A home inspection clues you in about a purchase

Learn as much as possible about a home by getting it inspected.
The most important step when buying a home is to have it inspected.

Big design ideas for a small backyard

A shorter, more decorative fence can make a small backyard appear larger.
Buying a small house has some benefits, but there are also challenges, which may include a tiny backyard.

Finding the best mortgage rates on the market

Economic changes affect mortgage rates in a short time, which is why you should get interest rate quotes from various lenders around the same time.
Getting the most affordable interest rate for a mortgage requires a substantial amount of time and research.