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December 2014

How to select and install the right wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper is easier than you think.
Wallpaper is a great way to add fresh style to any room, and putting up wallpaper is a relatively easy home improvement task.

Identify and remove poisonous materials from your home

Asbestos and lead are present in many homes.
Over the centuries, homebuilders have used a variety of materials that were later discovered to be unsafe.

Locate and eliminate water leaks in your home

Water leaks can be a costly issue.
Every day, water runs through your home’s pipes and into fixtures and appliances.

Increase your home's appeal with a finished garage

An empty garage has a lot of potential.
The garage represents an afterthought for many homeowners. While it keeps cars clean and dry, the garage can often turn into a storage space for unused items and become messy in the process.

WIN gives back to those who serve [VIDEO]

Veterans Day is a time when we thank members of our armed forces for their service, and WIN likes to show its appreciation for those who serve our country throughout the year.
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