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January 2015

Optimizing the space in your home

Know how to get the most out of the space available in your home.
Space in your home is particularly valuable.

Unclogging stubborn drains

Know how to unclog backed up drains and develop a method to prevent them in the future.
The last thing you want to experience when you are showering is your water level creeping up past your ankles due to a nasty drain clog in your bathtub.

A guide to termite infestation: Part 2

Hire a professional to exterminate termites.
Termites can have a substantial impact on a home.

A guide to termite infestation: Part 1

Understanding termites and infestation prevention are crucial steps to keeping your home safe.
According to National Geographic, termites are no bigger than the tip of your fingernail, but they live in large colonies.

Fix these electrical issues by yourself

Some electrical repairs are simple enough to complete yourself.
While electricity can be dangerous, many minor electrical repairs do not require any expertise and can be a fun afternoon activity.
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