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April 2015

An economical guide to remodeling: Part 7 [Video]

If you are trying to sell your house, the living room is another important area of the home that may impress a potential buyer.

An economical guide to remodeling: Part 4

Remodeling doesn't have to be expensive to boost the value of your home. Increase your pay back by decreasing your total cost.Hello, and welcome to another WIN Home Inspection video blog.Doing your own demolition can cut down on a significant amount of expenses. If you decide to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, consider doing some […]

Hiring the best contractor: Part 2 [Video]

Hiring the perfect contractor is key to a successful renovation project, and it's important to be on the same page as your contractor every step of the way.

Stage your home before listing [Video]

Staging your home can help you sell it substantially faster. Whether you want to hire a professional or try it out yourself, home staging is a great technique to utilize when selling your home.¬†Hello, and welcome to another WIN Home Inspection video blog. Ask your real estate agent if he or she can recommend any […]

Purchasing a home at auction

Purchasing a home at an auction may get you a substantial deal.
Real estate auctions give interested buyers the opportunity to purchase a home by bidding and potentially obtaining a property at a less expensive selling price
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