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December 2015

Renovate your kitchen in 2016

Renovate your kitchen in 2016.
One of the first items on anyone’s checklist of tasks to accomplish should be some much-needed home renovations.

Don’t let student debt stop you from owning a house

It's possible to have student debt and buy a house.
It is possible to buy a house and still pay for student loans, but you’ll have to make smart financial decisions.

Protect your pipes this winter [Video]

Before you settle in and wait for spring, remember to take care of your pipes and prevent them from freezing during especially cold weather.

Getting the most value from your home inspection

Stick around for the home inspection and you will come away with more knowledge than you had previously.
While everyone has a different approach to their home inspection, buyers should take the opportunity to effectively utilize the process.

The best ways to make your home pet-friendly

Having a pet around the house is great, if you're prepared.
While the benefits of having a pet are undeniable, there are still plenty of challenges.
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