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February 2016

How to get your lawn ready for spring [Video]

Even if you're still digging out from the last snow storm, there are a few easy ways to get your lawn in shape for springtime.

Tax deductions every homeowner should know [Video]

It's tax season once again, and if you've recently become a homeowner, you'll want to know about common deductions.

Tax benefits for homeowners

Homeowners can claim many tax deductions.
There is no reason as to why you shouldn’t claim certain deductions that are tailor-made for homeowners.

Waiving contingencies on a home offer: should you ever do it?

Waiving certain contingencies creates a big risk for the buyer.
Waiving contingencies often makes a buyer far more appealing to a seller, but it can also be a huge risk for the buyer.

Clean your bathroom like a pro [Video]

Keeping every room of your home clean is important, but when it comes to the bathroom, things can get a little tricky.
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