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April 2016

Buying a home in a seller’s market

In a seller's market, it takes a lot of drive and flexibility to get your offer accepted.
In this kind of real estate climate, homebuyers must act differently than they would in other circumstances.

The many uses of one inexpensive cleaning solution [Video]

Plenty of multi-purpose cleaning products promise fantastic results, but in reality, most are composed of the same ingredients.

Benefits and downsides of spring homebuying [Video]

Ready to buy a home this spring? Be sure you're ready for a busy homebuying season.

Tips to save up for your first home

Every dollar you save makes a difference.
Saving up enough money is very doable.

The top mistakes new homeowners make [Video]

It's fun to imagine all the potential improvement projects that await you once you move into your new home, but be careful not to jump in without some basic preparation.