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June 2016

Staying organized can save money [Video]

As a homeowner, you probably appreciate any quick tips on how to save a little extra each month.

How to fix small leaks around the house [Video]

It may surprise you, but one small leak from a pipe could amount to several gallons of wasted water over a long period of time.

What every homeowner should know about a second mortgage

Here's what you need to know about taking out a second mortgage.
Second mortgages are attractive due to their ease of availability for homeowners, but like any other type of loan, they come with some risks.

Why the dew point matters in a home inspection

The dew point is a measure of humidity.
Just like any other weather phenomenon, the dew point has implications for the proper functioning and maintenance of many systems throughout a home.

How to keep your yard healthy this summer [Video]

Summer has just begun, but that means many more weeks of hot weather ahead. Without the right preparation, the heat could take a toll on your lawn.