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Design on a Dime

Perhaps you know good design when you see it, but don’t know how to create it or maybe where to start. And to top it all off, you’re on a budget and can’t hire an interior decorating pro to help you revise your space with new purchases.

Fortunately, for homeowners like you, an emerging breed of home service providers called “interior space redesigners” is at the ready. Unlike a regular interior designer who can charge up to hundreds per hour and advises on investments in furnishings and finishes, interior space redesigners typically charge $60 to $80 per hour and can revise a room in a few hours and an entire home in a few days—without requiring you to purchase all new furniture, window treatments, or art. Interior space redesigners interview homeowners about their intended and actual uses of space, and then rearrange existing belongings to better fit your lifestyle and create an “intentional” look.

Some have backgrounds in feng shui or staging, too, but interior space redesigners all work on the premise that any space can be improved with proper alignment of furnishings, use of light and strategic use of color within any room. A redesigner often empties out a room then reintroduces furniture pieces one at a time, experimenting with placement. A redesigner then arranges lighting and layers in accessories and personal belongings.

Seeking a redesigner? Interior Redesign Industry Specialists and Interior is a member organization for redesign pros. The Interior Redesign Directory offers contact information for design experts as well as staging professionals.