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Remodeling Returns

Considering a remodel? You probably know that some projects bring more return on investment than others. While a wine cellar or hot tub may add to your quality of life at home, these additions may not add much to your home’s value when you eventually sell it. If you’re balancing the amount you need to invest for home improvements against the return those improvements will bring, here’s a look at the return on ten popular projects, as tracked by Remodeling Magazine in its most recent annual survey:

Project                               Cost recouped

Siding Replacement              88.1%

Deck Addition                      85.4%

Minor Kitchen Remodel        83%

Window Replacement           81%

Bathroom Remodel               78.3%

Major Kitchen Remodel        78.1%

Attic/Bedroom Remodel        76.6%

Basement Remodel                75.1%

2-story Addition                     73.9%

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