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10 Easy Ways to Spruce Up the Kitchen

When preparing a house for sale, home sellers will do a number of things to make it more appealing for potential buyers — especially if they want to get top dollar for their home. They may clean up the yard, apply a fresh coat of paint, get rid of the clutter, have the bathrooms at their sparkling best, and get the rugs and windows cleaned.

But as a seller, it’s also important that you don’t forget about the all important kitchen area, when preparing their home for sale. The home inspection professionals at WIN Home Inspection (WIN) have compiled a list of ten easy and inexpensive options to spruce up any kitchen and help you get your home ready for its big debut.

  1. Add Paint
    Old wood tone cabinet’s spray-painted glossy white or hand painted with an oil-base in creamy white provides yards of look for very little money. Many manufacturers produce easy to apply paint that glides on smoothly and leaves barely visible brush marks.
  2. New Knobs, Handles And Hinges
    When renovating cabinetry, new pulls or handles add freshness to any kitchen and can completely change the look of cabinets if you don’t want to paint them. Even old exposed hinges can be updated to reflect the current design trends.
  3. Remove The Clutter
    Less is more when you’re selling a home! Look at the cabinets and consider which doors could be removed to expose the shelving. Open shelving helps make a kitchen look bigger. Display your favorite items for a new look. If you’d like, paint the inside of the cabinets the same as the outside or add a splash of color.
  4. Glass Fronts
    Replace outdated colored glass cabinet doors with new panel fronts in clear, frosted or ribbed textures.
  5. Add Lighting
    Adding new lighting to any kitchen will brighten up the space immediately. Even wire suspension lights can make the space look contemporary and new.
  6. New Countertops
    Have new countertops in a day. If the counter space is not expansive, go ahead and splurge on new tile or laminate countertops. It will make the entire kitchen look more luxurious.
  7. Quick Floors
    Today there are countless self-stick tiles that can be added to quickly revamp any outdated floor.
  8. Flashy Faucets
    Here’s another feature to invest in. A flashy new faucet can make even an old sink fade into the background. Great faucets are found in most home improvement stores and readily available in a variety of styles.
  9. Window Coverings
    New window coverings should replace old faded prints, making the windows and walls look updated and fresh.
  10. Scrub It Clean
    As always, it’s important to give every component in your kitchen a thorough cleaning. Buyers frequently examine this area closely as a clue to the occupant’s general housekeeping and maintenance practices.

Real estate professionals will agree that most home buyers inspect the kitchen carefully when previewing a house. A little time and money invested in the kitchen can help speed up the sale, increase financial returns and provide a head start on moving preparations.