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What you should know about formaldehyde

Formaldehyde could be dangerous in large doses.
Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring substance, and it has long been manufactured by people for use as an industrial disinfectant

What to do about mold in your home

Mold often appears in damp areas.
Mold growth is a common concerns that may not be immediately noticeable with a pass through home inspection.

Check your HVAC system this summer

Keep your air conditioning in top shape this summer.
Summer nights are filled with the sounds of outdoor parties, baseball games and something a little less pleasant: air conditioners.

What buyers must disclose before selling

Home inspectors are required to notify you of everything that may be wrong with a home.
Home inspectors have a duty to alert homeowners to any danger they discover in the course of their inspection.

How home inspectors assess concrete damage

Concrete is widespread but still expensive to repair.
Concrete is among the most widespread building materials in the world. Its low cost and easy customization make it an extremely versatile component of many structures.

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