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How to fix small leaks around the house [Video]

It may surprise you, but one small leak from a pipe could amount to several gallons of wasted water over a long period of time.

The right ceiling fan can save money [Video]

With the right ceiling fan installed, your home could become much more energy efficient.

Getting started with solar power at home

Solar energy systems may be a great investment in your home.
The world is increasingly moving toward a more environmentally friendly norm, and it’s becoming even easier for the average person to make this a reality.

Check your HVAC system this summer

Keep your air conditioning in top shape this summer.
Summer nights are filled with the sounds of outdoor parties, baseball games and something a little less pleasant: air conditioners.

Tips for a burglar-proof home

There are several ways homeowners can protect against burglary.
Although burglary is a relatively rare occurrence in the U.S., it can still happen and have profound financial consequences.