Post-Close Inspection

What is a Post-Close Inspection?

A Post-Close Inspection gives homebuyers that opted out of a home inspection during their real estate transaction the opportunity to have their property inspected.

Why is a Post-Close Inspection required?

Buyers need to know as much as they can about a home even if they bypassed the inspection during the sales process. A Post-Close Inspection will identify and address potential health and safety issues or other pertinent information for those that did not have an initial inspection.

What is covered in a Post-Close Inspection?

During a WIN Post-Close Inspection, a certified and insured home inspector will examine all accessible components of a home’s structure, exterior, interior, electrical, and plumbing, using state-of-the-art equipment to spot potential issues.

Within 24 hours of completion, the inspector provides a detailed, visual, and easy-to-read report with findings and recommendations.