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Ensure the Safety of Your Home

WIN offers many environmental-related services, including those for mold, radon, and lead.

At times, additional screening, sampling or testing services may be needed to help you to get a comprehensive analysis of your home’s condition and determine potential environmental issues within a home.

These services can be performed in conjunction with a WIN home inspection or as a stand-alone service. Check with your local WIN home inspector to find out if these services are available in your area. Specific licensing and state requirements may be applicable.

Screening, Sampling & Testing Services

Mold Screening

Our mold-certified home inspectors assess possible mold-related areas in a home, which may include musty odors, defective caulking, and evidence of prior water penetration. Physical samples (air and swab) are collected to determine the presence or absence of mold in a home. The samples are submitted to a highly-accredited, independent laboratory for evaluation by a certified industrial hygienist to ensure objective evaluations. Mold screenings can be performed as a part of the home inspection process or as a stand-alone service.

Many home inspection companies are not qualified to include mold screening in their home inspection process, but WIN home inspectors are trained and certified to conduct mold investigations and samplings by the Environmental Solutions Association, an independent professional environmental association providing certified training for mold screening.

For more information, please contact us to see if this service is available in your area.

Lead in Water Sampling

While lead rarely occurs naturally in drinking water, lead can become present in water due to plumbing type. Lead in drinking water is dangerous, and according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), can cause delays in physical and mental development in children, and increases in blood pressure, kidney problems, and chronic high blood pressure in adults. WIN offers a lead in water sampling service so you can determine if your drinking water contains unsafe levels of lead, and, if so, take the steps necessary to remedy the issue.

Copper piping is the leading cause of lead in water. The solder used to connect pipes contains lead. Newer copper pipe has very low lead levels due to stringent laws. Older copper pipe in the 1980s had 60/40 solder where 40 percent was lead.

Radon Testing

Radon is an odorless, colorless and radioactive byproduct of natural soil decay that can seep into homes. Radon is highly toxic, and because it cannot be readily detected by sight or smell, it is very dangerous. Certain soils in the United States are more likely to create radon. An air test will be performed in accordance with local radon guidelines and laws. The results will be clear as to what, if any, action needs to be taken. Mitigation for radon is usually a fairly simple process, and not too expensive. If you are concerned about the radon level in your home, contact your local WIN home inspector and request a radon test.

Water Quality Testing

The EPA has identified over 80 different contaminants that impact water quality…and people’s health. WIN offers water quality testing services so you can make sure your water is safe for drinking, bathing, washing the dog, and other uses.

Septic System Testing

Make sure your septic tank is working properly and not contaminating the land around your home with septic system testing from WIN. Loading testing, dye testing, or a full tank pump out and visual inspection may be performed by your inspector to determine if the septic tank is performing properly or if it is in need of repair or replacement.

Well Flow Test

How much water does your well produce? Find out with a well flow test from WIN. Using special gauges, your WIN Home Inspector can let you know if your well is still producing like it used to, or if you may need to find another water source for your home.