Pool and Spa Inspection

Pools and spas can pose serious health and safety hazards if not addressed on a routine basis. Filters can get clogged, pool walls can crack and chip, and over time, safety becomes a serious concern. At WIN Home Inspection, we provide a comprehensive Pool and Spa Inspection to ensure the condition of your pool and/or spa remain safe and healthy. Our expert inspectors will evaluate your pool and detect potential risks, allowing you to enjoy your pool with peace of mind.

WIN Home Inspector doing a pool & spa inspection
WIN Home Inspector doing a pool & spa inspection


Of homes in the U.S. have a swimming pool.


Of spas in the U.S. do not meet local environmental health regulations.

1 in 8

Public pools are closed due to health and safety violations, including high levels of E. coli bacteria.

A group of children enjoying in the pool
Safeguard Your Family

Keep loved ones safe with a regular Pool and Spa Inspection

Why Get a Pool and Spa Inspection with WIN?

Whether you close them for the winter season or keep them open year-round, pools and spas should be inspected annually. Our Pool and Spa Inspection is designed to prioritize your safety and provide a comprehensive assessment of your pool and/or spa. Many pool owners are unaware of potential problems such as damaged pool lighting, faulty safety equipment, or worn-out pool accessories that could threaten your fun when accidents or injuries occur.

Benefits of Pool and Spa Inspection

Ensure Safety: Ensure the safety of your loved ones by detecting potential hazards, like damaged pool lighting.
Enhance Your Pool Experience: Enjoy your pool to the fullest knowing it’s clean and well-maintained.
Increase Property Value: Increase the value and appeal of your property with a well-maintained pool.

How Does a Pool and Spa Inspection Work?

Getting your pool and spa inspected is easy and should be done annually to ensure these outdoor features maintain a good condition throughout the seasons.

WIN Home Inspector inspecting the pool area


Visually Assess the Pool/Spa

Your highly trained inspector will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your pool and/or spa, examining critical areas such as pool lighting, walking surfaces, re-circulate equipment, access doors, and safety features.



Evaluate the Pool Accessories



Analyze the Findings



Receive Your Report Within 24 Hours


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WIN Home Inspection Reviews

Inspector was pleasant and thorough, and gave very good advice after his inspection was done. It was our 2nd time having WIN do inspections for us, I would recommend WIN to family and friends. Thanks again for your services.

Sheen I.

Win Home inspections did a thorough job inspecting a home with a pool that we are purchasing. The technicians were professional and friendly. They were able to address our concerns and answer all questions. I would HIGHLY recommend Win Home Inspection.

Robin B.

WIN Home is very responsive, professional and provides lots of additional services such as pool inspection too! I have used WIN several times and would recommend to anyone who needs a property inspected!

Amber C.

Inspector was pleasant and thorough, and gave very good advice after his inspection was done. It was our 2nd time having WIN do inspections for us, I would recommend WIN to family and friends. Thanks again for your services.

Sheen I.


It is highly recommended to add a Pool and Spa Inspection to your Full Home Inspection when purchasing a home with a pool and/or spa onsite. This ensures the safety and functionality of these recreational spaces. It can also help you identify potential issues and avoid unexpected expenses in the future.
On average, a comprehensive Pool and Spa Inspection typically takes one hour to complete. The duration depends on the pool's size, equipment, and any potential concerns found during the inspection.
During the inspection, our expert inspectors will assess various areas, including pool equipment, safety barriers, filtration systems, lighting, and pool accessories to ensure optimal performance and safety.
It is recommended to have a Pool and Spa Inspection annually to ensure proper maintenance, safety, and functionality.
Regular pool and spa inspections help identify potential problems early, ensuring proper maintenance and preventing costly repairs. They also prioritize the safety and well-being of family members and guests.
Your inspector can provide maintenance recommendations to keep your pool and spa in excellent condition, including water treatment, equipment care, and safety measures.
Getting a Pool and Spa Inspection before selling your home demonstrates transparency and increases buyer confidence. It helps address any issues upfront and streamlines the selling process. As a bonus, sharing the report can increase your home’s value and save costs for the buyer.
If issues are found during the inspection, sellers can choose to address them before listing the property, offer a credit to the buyer, or disclose the problems and sell the home as-is. This transparency builds trust with potential buyers.
Your inspector can provide recommendations to enhance the appearance and functionality of your pool and spa, ensuring they are in excellent condition for potential buyers.