Holiday Decorating Safety

The festive spirit is in the air, and there’s no better way to join in on the holiday cheer than to get creative with your home decorations. However, stringing those Christmas lights, hanging that decor, and kindling the menorah should always be done with safety in mind. Here are tips to do just that. READ MORE

10 Essential Holiday Cooking Safety Tips

Reuniting with loved ones for the holidays typically means cooking is going to take place – a lot of cooking. Prepared meals get larger than ever, and those of us who don't cook regularly are often tasked with feeding the extended family and friends. This can lead to risks from fires and injuries, but you can minimize these risks with the following holiday cooking safety tips. READ MORE

Water Pressure Booster: How to Increase Water Pressure in Your House

As you rush through the day, the last thing you need is slowly trickling water that takes ages to fill even a bucket. Before installing a water pressure booster to resolve the issue, troubleshoot the problem first. Here are quick fixes for common issues. READ MORE

7 Reasons Why You Should Check Your Gutters Today

Gutter cleaning is an essential but often overlooked maintenance task. Left uncleaned, gutters quickly clog, causing potentially thousands of dollars of damage to your roof, walls, and foundations. READ MORE

10 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, there are certain questions to ask home inspectors who are accessing a property. These ten might just be the most important, and they could make or break a deal. Read on to learn more. READ MORE

All the Maintenance Issues People Think are Ghosts (and What You Can Do About Your “Haunted House”)

Loud banging noises, cold and eerie atmosphere, dripping water, lights turning on and off all by themselves… could they be signs of poltergeists running amok? Nah, before you chalk all that up to supernatural causes, try a more sensible, albeit less thrilling, explanation: the house needs repairs. And here are maintenance issues and the necessary fixes to drive those “ghosts” away. READ MORE

Fall Lawn Care

Fall is here and spring is a dream away, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start preparing your lawn for next spring. Don’t let the slow-growing grass and the imminent plunging temperature of winter fool you into complacency when it comes to lawn care. Here’s a good to-do list for your lawn this fall. Hurry. The promise of a lush and healthy lawn next spring depends on this. READ MORE

Fireplace Inspection: Why You Need Your Fireplace Inspected

A fireplace inspection is recommended every one to two years. Sometimes it is essential to have it inspected—especially before buying or selling a home. An inspection is important for a newer fireplace but it is crucial for a unit in an older home. An unsafe fireplace or chimney is a serious cause for concern and, therefore, you should be aware of the condition before it’s too late. READ MORE

Fireplace Maintenance: 10 Tips for Maintaining a Wood-Burning Fireplace

The fireplace is the focal point of many homes. There’s just something homey about the crackling sound of wood and the glow of fire filling the room with warmth. To help ensure that your fireplace continues to provide comfort in style for years to come, consider these best practices for fireplace maintenance. READ MORE

Halloween Decorating: Safe Halloween Decorating Tips

Decorating for Halloween is an annual tradition for many families. Before you start installing lights, tombstones, and cobwebs to your home, make sure you know about these nine safety tips. READ MORE