Home Energy Score

Your home’s energy efficiency is central to your comfortability and well-being in your home. Insufficient insulation, air leaks, and energy-sucking appliances not only inhibit the lifespan of your home, but also can cost you dearly in high energy bills. Our inspectors are experts in performing Home Energy Scores to help you identify where your home performs well, and where you could make improvements to enhance your well-being in your home while saving money.

WIN Home Inspector checking the thermostat in a house
WIN Home Inspector checking the thermostat in a house

$3,500 - $8,000

Cost to do whole house rewiring that could be avoided when proactively addressed.

Up to $600

Annual savings from a Home Energy Score, as per the Department of Energy.


Of energy use is wasted due to faulty wiring.

A person holding the house energy bill

Why Get a Home Energy Score with WIN?

With WIN, you get more than a Home Energy Score, you get valuable insights into your home’s energy efficiency as well as actionable recommendations where you can make simple improvements that help you live more comfortably and save money on monthly energy bills. Through this program, our professional inspectors will evaluate the areas of your home that affect your energy use, such as the insulation and windows. The data collected is entered into a standardized program and then the home is given a score of 1 through 10, with 10 being a highly energy-efficient home.

Benefits of Home Energy Score

Save Money: Reduce utility bills and save money by optimizing your home's energy efficiency.
Enhance Comfort: Create a more comfortable living environment by eliminating drafts and air leaks.
Boost Property Value: Improve your property's future marketability and value with a high energy score.
Reduce Energy Use: Identify areas where energy is being used the most and take proactive measures to reduce consumption, such as investing in energy-efficient appliances.

How Does a Home Energy Score Work?

At WIN, we utilize specialized equipment to detect and measure your home’s energy efficiency, ensuring an accurate Home Energy Score.

WIN Home Inspector measure the home’s energy efficiency


Conduct a Visual Assessment

We’ll walk through your home to evaluate the energy items including the insulation, windows, and other items.



Enter the Data



Receive Your Score


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WIN Home Inspection Reviews

All around wonderful! Experienced. Efficient. Knowledgeable. Answers my calls any and every time I have a question! WIN is absolutely my go-to for all of my inspections needs!

Carrie K.

Very detailed home inspection, and smooth and efficient process to get us on the road to a new home!!!!! Highly recommended for your home inspection!!!!!

Arvel S.

WIN is a 10 with us, they were so thorough and professional, they were superb in finding little details that we over miss when we walk through the home. We would trust them if we were to buy another home. Their rate was awesome... Read More

Lorene F.

All around wonderful! Experienced. Efficient. Knowledgeable. Answers my calls any and every time I have a question! WIN is absolutely my go-to for all of my inspections needs!

Carrie K.


A Home Energy Score provides energy-saving recommendations, potentially saving $100-$600 annually. Home sellers can enhance their property's efficiency and value by showcasing a high energy score.
Your Home Energy Score is determined through an energy audit that evaluates insulation, HVAC systems, windows, and more. Additionally, factors such as home size, age, orientation, and local climate impact the score.
Homes receive scores ranging from 1 (least efficient) to 10 (most efficient). This score reflects the overall energy usage of the home, not just energy use per square foot.
Single-family homes and townhouses are eligible for a Home Energy Score assessment. However, multi-family and mobile homes do not qualify.
The assessment report will highlight areas for improvement. Common steps include sealing air leaks, upgrading insulation, installing a smart thermostat, and using energy-efficient appliances.
A Home Energy Score offers insights into the property's energy efficiency, helping you make informed decisions on future energy expenses and environmental impact.
Yes, a high Home Energy Score often signifies effective energy-saving features and overall property maintenance, which can be appealing to home buyers.
Yes, it can enhance your property's appeal to potential buyers and contribute to a higher resale value.
Yes, it's a proactive way to highlight your home's energy efficiency, potentially attracting more buyers.
It may, but addressing energy efficiency issues identified in the assessment can improve your property's appeal and marketability. Addressing these issues before listing can increase your property's value and make it more attractive to eco-conscious buyers.