Wind Mitigation Inspection

Do you know how well your home can resist strong winds and storms? At WIN Home Inspection, we offer professional Wind Mitigation Inspection services to evaluate the wind-resistant features of your home and save you money on your home insurance premiums. Our certified inspectors use state-of-the-art techniques and tools to assess the condition and quality of your roof, windows, doors, and other elements of your home.

WIN Home Inspector doing wind mitigation inspection
WIN Home Inspector doing wind mitigation inspection


Wind mitigation can cut insurance costs by up to 70%.

Earn Tax Credits

Wind mitigation inspection can qualify you for tax credits, if you live in a hurricane-prone area.

June to November

Florida's hurricane season is from June 1 - November 30, prepare on time if you are in this state!

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Earn Discounts on Your Home Insurance

15% - 70% of your insurance premium could be attributed to wind-damage risk.

Why Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection with WIN?

Our comprehensive Wind Mitigation Inspection helps discover vulnerable areas of your home against hurricane and wind damage. Many homeowners’ insurance companies, especially in areas of frequent storms, like Florida, require Wind Mitigation Inspections to obtain or renew homeowners’ insurance. At WIN, we ensure that your home’s wind-resistant features are thoroughly checked so that you can have peace of mind the next time strong winds threaten your home and safety.

Benefits of Wind Mitigation Inspection

Protect Your Home: Assess your home’s wind-resistant features to ensure functionality and safety against hurricanes and strong winds.
Save Money: Homes with quality wind-resistant features often qualify for discounts on homeowners’ insurance premiums.
Enhance Property Value: Enhance your home's marketability by highlighting its resilience to severe weather.
Gain Peace of Mind: Fulfill your homeowners’ insurance requirements and gain peace of mind with this quick and efficient inspection.

How Does a Wind Mitigation Inspection Work?

At WIN, we are skilled and trained to detect and assess wind-resistant features of the home.

Home Inspector checking the window during Wind Mitigation Inspection


Thorough Inspection

Your inspector will thoroughly check the roof including the covering, roof deck, and water barriers as well as check the door, windows, and other openings to ensure that these features are protected against wind-borne debris.



Receive Your Report


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WIN Home Inspection Reviews

Very professional and knowledgeable. He gets the inspection done quickly and efficiently. I like how detailed the report is and will tell you what the recommended course of action is.

Willard B.

WIN Home Inspection did a wonderful job for us. They performed a Wind Mitigation and a 4-Point Inspection, which were required by the new insurance company we thought we were changing to due to our current insurance company not renewing our policy. WIN Home... Read More

Shelly H.

Great experience with this company. Very professional and courteous and very thorough. I would definitely use them again to the need arise.

Jh S.

Very professional and knowledgeable. He gets the inspection done quickly and efficiently. I like how detailed the report is and will tell you what the recommended course of action is.

Willard B.


Wind Mitigation Inspections are generally required when obtaining homeowners’ insurance in Florida and it helps you assess the home's resilience against hurricane-force winds, potentially reducing insurance costs and ensuring safety during storms.
Florida is not the only state that requires Wind Mitigation Inspection. Several states offer home insurance discounts, grants, or tax credits for wind-resistant features including Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas. Many other states may also have similar programs or incentives for Wind Mitigation Inspections.
A Wind Mitigation Inspection is typically valid for five years. It's crucial for home buyers as it can help them save on insurance premiums and provide peace of mind regarding the home's structural integrity.
It’s recommended to schedule a Wind Mitigation Inspection every five years to renew your insurance, maintain insurance discounts, and reassess your home's wind-resistant features.
A Wind Mitigation Inspection helps homeowners enhance their property's value, potentially lower insurance costs, and ensure their investment is protected against damage caused by strong winds.
A Wind Mitigation Inspection can boost your credibility as a seller, potentially attract more buyers, and provide negotiation leverage by disclosing the property's wind-resistant features.
The responsibility for the inspection cost may vary and is often negotiated between the seller and buyer. In many cases, it is paid for by the buyer as it is required for them to obtain homeowners’ insurance on the property. In some cases, however, sellers offer to pay for the Wind Mitigation Inspection as an incentive.