Whether you’re buying a new home and requested repairs be made, or you’ve lived in your home for some time and are remodeling, a Re-Inspection is essential in ensuring that the repairs are addressed properly, and no other issues have been identified. Our experts carefully examine areas identified in the initial inspection report, confirming that any problems have been resolved. By conducting a Re-Inspection, you can protect your greatest investment, your home.

WIN Home Inspector doing a Re-Inspection
WIN Home Inspector doing a Re-Inspection

2 - 3 Repairs

Are not at all attempted or are improper DIY fixes and discovered by Re-inspection reports.


Can be saved annually by repairing existing items instead of replacing them.

13% - 20%

Of homes found issues with windows, plumbing, electrical, and roof.

WIN Home Inspector checking an electrical line

Why Get a Re-Inspection with WIN?

Our tailored Re-Inspection services are designed to verify the completion and quality of the repairs that were requested from the initial home inspection report. Many customers want to ensure that the issues detected in the original inspection have been resolved satisfactorily before closing the deal. Don't leave room for surprises — choose WIN Home Inspection for a thorough Re-Inspection.

Benefits of Re-Inspection

Verify Repairs: Confirm that the requested repairs have been done and any faulty components have been replaced.
Save Money: Avoid future surprises and expensive repairs by ensuring that pre-existing issues are mitigated, and additional issues are found.
Remodel with Confidence: After completing your renovation project, re-inspecting the area can ensure that the job was completed with quality and care in mind.
Gain Peace of Mind: Enjoy confidence and satisfaction knowing that all issues you’ve raised are addressed properly.

How Does a Re-Inspection Work?

At WIN, we deploy specialized equipment to conduct a Re-Inspection, ensuring accurate results and comprehensive evaluations of your property's condition.

WIN Home Inspector checking the fireplace at a house


Conduct the Re-Inspection

We’ll focus on the areas of the home in question to ensure that they are now free from the identified health or safety hazard.



Assess the Repair List



Receive a Report


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WIN Home Inspection Reviews

WIN Home Inspection provided a thorough pre-inspection of our home. We were very pleased with the quality of the inspection report as well as the friendly customer service. We will not hesitate to use WIN in the future.

Angela S.

Excellent from start to finish. Used them 5 times, and couldn't be happier with the product and prices received. I believe WIN has saved us a lot of headache, money and regret by going all-in to find, discuss and report on our recent home... Read More

Don W.

WIN Home Inspection is quick to schedule, very thorough and will cover the results onsite in great detail. Will continue to use their services

Bob E.

WIN Home Inspection provided a thorough pre-inspection of our home. We were very pleased with the quality of the inspection report as well as the friendly customer service. We will not hesitate to use WIN in the future.

Angela S.


Re-Inspections are essential to confirm the quality and completion of any requested repairs that the seller is to make on behalf of the buyer.
Re-Inspection takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the scope of the inspection.
Absolutely! A Re-Inspection is important after you complete a home renovation project to ensure the work was completed properly and did not accidentally create any additional health or safety hazards.
Re-Inspections are typically done when addressing repairs or renovations. The frequency depends on your home's needs and renovation projects.
Yes, a Re-Inspection can enhance your credibility as a seller by confirming the repairs and improvements made prior to listing.
As a home buyer, if you have requested repairs and the Re-Inspection report confirms that not all repairs have been made, consult with your real estate agent or legal counsel on how to proceed with the seller and the home sale. As a homeowner, if you’re completing a home renovation project and the Re-Inspection report reveals issues, you should first address them with the contractor.