Pre-Listing Inspection

Selling your home is a big deal. Whether it’s your first home or your family home, it can be difficult to remain impartial as the seller. At WIN, we offer a comprehensive Pre-Listing Inspection to provide you with an objective understanding of your property's current condition before you list it on the market. By thoroughly assessing 300+ items in your home, we can help you enhance your home's marketability, build trust with buyers, and ultimately, sell faster.

WIN Home Inspector shaking hands with client in front of a house door
WIN Home Inspector shaking hands with client in front of a house door


Items in and around the home are thoroughly examined.


Of customers learned of hidden property issues that needed to be addressed.

13% - 20%

Of homes had issues with windows, plumbing, electrical, and roof.

A brick chimney on a house roof

Why Get a Pre-Listing Inspection with WIN?

The majority of buyers will order a Full Home Inspection when purchasing a home, and while you have loved and maintained your home over the years, it could show signs of wear, tear, or maintenance. These concerns could come up during the home inspection and deter the buyer from following through with the sale or cause them to renegotiate the terms. A Pre-Listing Inspection is a proactive approach home sellers can take to identify and address key issues with the home before listing it on the market, leading to more satisfied buyers, fewer negotiations, and a faster sale.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection

Avoid Prolonged Negotiations: Discovering key issues during a buyer’s inspection could prolong the selling process and lead to renegotiating the terms of the sale.
Build Trust with Buyers: Buyers are unaware of the condition of the home they are looking to purchase beyond what they can see visually; give them peace of mind knowing that you’ve had the home recently inspected by an unbiased professional.
Enhance Marketability: Differentiate your property on the market by being transparent about its condition or offering incentives to address key issues, which can attract interested buyers.
List with Confidence: List your home on the market fairly and with confidence knowing its current condition.

How Does a Pre-Listing Inspection Work?

At WIN, we are skilled and trained to conduct Pre-Listing Inspections, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your property's condition.

WIN Home Inspector checking house interiors with a flashlight


Inspect the Exterior

When inspecting the exterior features of the home, we check that there are no areas of concern with the drainage of the property, roof, gutters, siding, porches, decks, garage, foundation and more.


Inspect the Interior


Check the Major Systems


Receive Your Report


Have a Post-Inspection Consultation


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WIN Home Inspection Reviews

Had a pre listing inspection. It was nice to get a detailed list of all necessary repairs that were needed. Inspector was extremely through and took pictures of each issue... Read More

Julie M.

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Had a pre listing inspection. It was nice to get a detailed list of all necessary repairs that were needed. Inspector was extremely through and took pictures of each issue... Read More

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Conducting a Pre-Listing Inspection before listing your home can help you gain a complete understanding of your home’s current condition, which helps you build credibility with buyers and avoid prolonged negotiations.
A Pre-Listing Inspection by WIN covers 300+ items in the home, including the foundation, structure, plumbing and electrical system, HVAC, roof, and more to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the property's condition.
A Pre-Listing Inspection typically takes two hours to complete, however the time it takes depends on the home's size and the scope of the inspection.
Since the Pre-Listing Inspection occurs before the home is listed for sale, it is typically the responsibility of the home seller and is budgeted as part of their pre-listing preparations.
If issues are found, you have options. As a home seller, you can address and resolve the problems found, offer credit to the buyer, or choose to sell the property as-is while disclosing the issues to potential buyers.
No, a Pre-Listing Inspection does not address cosmetic imperfections as it focuses on addressing safety hazards and structural concerns with the home.
No, a Pre-Listing Inspection does not determine the property's market value or offer warranties or guarantees. It focuses on providing an objective assessment of the property's condition.
At WIN, we do test for these health and environmental hazards, however, these services are not included in a standard Pre-Listing Inspection. Please contact your local WIN home inspector to explore all the services and savings packages that may be available for you.
No, our standard inspection does not encompass engineering, architectural, plumbing, or other functions requiring occupational licenses by local and state authorities. However, if we hold a valid occupational license for such services, we can discuss additional functions in writing.
Our standard inspection excludes log homes, log structures, or similar constructions due to their unique characteristics. We do not assess the interior decay of logs in walls, foundations, roofs, or similar defects as part of our inspection scope.