Commercial Inspection

Investing in commercial property is a huge undertaking, so it’s imperative that you make a safe and sound investment. Whether you’re interested in purchasing retail space, warehouse space, office space, or any other commercial property space, a Commercial Inspection can help you identify any hazards or areas of concern with the property before you buy. Just like home buyers get their future homes inspected, investors should get their future properties inspected, too.


Reduce Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies don’t like risks, so take care of them straight away for big savings in the long run.

$2.4 Billion

Per year is spent on commercial property fire damages.


Bettering indoor air quality can boost workplace performance by 10%.

Commercial kitchen with large cooking appliances

Why Get a Commercial Inspection with WIN?

Our Commercial Inspection helps you protect your investment. Buying commercial property is a huge financial undertaking and buying property without knowing its condition can put those who inhabit the space as well as your savings at risk. With a commercial property inspection, our inspectors are highly trained to assess the ins and outs of your property, making you aware of any key issues so you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of a Commercial Inspection

Make a Sound Decision: Receive a detailed, unbiased report that highlights property strengths and identifies potential issues.
Gain Insightful Diagnostics: Gain valuable insights into the building’s performance, energy efficiency, and potential improvement areas.
Protect Your Investment: Avoid expensive surprises and repairs by identifying existing and potential issues before they arise.

How Does a Commercial Inspection Work?

At WIN, we take meticulous and systematic steps to detect and measure potential issues, ensuring accurate results for your commercial property.

Commercial Space Property


Have a Preliminary Consultation

Your inspector will contact you to discuss your specific needs and concerns. We may also review any essential documents including appraisals, building plans, permits, and environmental studies prior to the inspection.


Conduct the Visual Inspection


Do a Thermal Imaging Scan


Receive Your Report


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Marcus B.


Commercial building inspections provide a thorough assessment of your property's condition, helping you make informed decisions, safeguard your investment, and potentially avoid costly repairs.
Commercial property inspections cover a wide range of items including your property's structure, systems, and critical components, so you gain a complete picture of the property’s condition.
Yes, a Commercial Inspection is beneficial for newly constructed buildings. New buildings are not immune to health and safety hazards, and a Commercial Inspection can uncover construction defects and hidden issues, and ensure the property meets safety and efficiency standards.
The duration of the inspection varies based on the property size and scope of the inspection, but you can generally expect it to take anywhere from two to four hours.
Yes, a Commercial Inspection can identify HVAC system problems, insulation deficiencies, and other factors affecting energy efficiency and comfort.
Getting a Commercial Inspection before selling your property can enhance transparency and credibility with potential buyers. It allows you to address any key issues in advance, negotiate confidently, and potentially secure a better deal.
As a seller, you can choose to address them before listing, offer credits to potential buyers, or disclose the findings as part of the negotiation process. As a buyer, you can address them with the seller, budget for the repairs or maintenance and address them after closing or consider renegotiating the terms of the agreement.