Meth Test

Meth, which is short for methamphetamine, is a highly addictive drug that leaves behind a residue that contaminates your home and affects your health. Meth is illegal in the United States; however, unfortunately, that does not stop it from being cooked or smoked in homes, putting you and your family at serious risk. In many cases, you may unknowingly buy or rent a house that was previously used as a meth lab or inhabited by meth smokers. Even just one instance of meth in a home can leave behind residue that lasts a lifetime and beyond. The only way to protect against the harmful health effects of meth exposure is through a comprehensive Meth Test.

WIN Home Inspector performing Meth Test in a home
WIN Home Inspector performing Meth Test in a home

1.6 Million

Americans use meth on average with potentially 900,000 hidden labs in the U.S.

250 Years

Meth contamination can last for up to 250 years, posing serious risks.


It only takes one instance of meth usage in a home to pose health risks.

A doctor examining a child
Sample Surfaces to Detect Meth Residue

Meth smoked in a home, even just once, can leave a residue that can last a lifetime.

Why Get a Meth Test
with WIN?

Our comprehensive Meth Test helps homeowners, buyers and renters identify the presence of meth in the home and understand the potential damage it can cause. We use a specialized sampling procedure for accurate detection and partner with accredited laboratories to deliver reliable Meth Test results.

Benefits of Meth Test

Protect Your Health: Protect your loved ones from potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to meth.
Preserve Your Property Value: Safeguard your property's value by ensuring it is meth-free.
Make a Safe Investment: Make an informed decision about your home with comprehensive meth testing.
Gain Peace of Mind: Ensure your home is free from meth residue, offering peace of mind for your family's long-term health and safety.

How Does a Meth Test Work?

At WIN, we use specialized equipment to detect and measure remnants of meth.

Closeup of hands with gloves performing Meth Test


Prep the Surface

We secure a small 10cm x 10cm template on the surface to define the area to be tested.



Collect the First Sample



Clean in Between



Collect the Second Sample



Secure the Samples



Analyze the Results and Receive Your Report


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WIN Home Inspection Reviews

WIN Home Inspection always does a great job on our clients home inspections. They are thorough, clearly explained, and returned quickly. We couldn’t ask for better service. Top notch!

Matt L.

Great service. This is the second time we've used WIN Home Inspection for our home buying inspections. Reports are always very detailed and delivered quickly. Very thorough inspections.

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Wonderful and thorough with their inspection. We really appreciate their business.

Joshua F.

WIN Home Inspection always does a great job on our clients home inspections. They are thorough, clearly explained, and returned quickly. We couldn’t ask for better service. Top notch!

Matt L.


Yes. As you do not know who has lived in or visited the home before you, it's essential to get a Meth Test to ensure your new home is free from harmful meth residue. Methamphetamine production can leave behind dangerous chemicals, causing respiratory, skin, and neurological problems. Prioritize your family's health and safety by testing before buying.
If your house tests positive for meth, consult a professional decontamination company for remediation. Thorough cleaning and decontamination are vital to create a safe and habitable environment for you and your loved ones.
The testing process usually takes a few hours, but overall turnaround time may vary. WIN partners with accredited laboratories for sample processing. Discuss the estimated timeline with your local WIN Home Inspector for more accurate information. Expedited options may be available for an additional fee.
If you did not get a Meth Test when you purchased the home, getting a Meth Test as a homeowner ensures you maintain a safe and healthy living environment for you and your family. It helps detect any methamphetamine residue, preventing potential health issues and property damage.
The frequency of meth tests as a homeowner depends on various factors like previous testing, occupancy history, or suspicion of meth activity nearby. Consult with a professional to determine an appropriate testing schedule.
Conducting meth tests allows you to identify any methamphetamine residue early on, enabling prompt remediation, ensuring a clean and safe home environment, and contributing to your family's well-being and peace of mind.
Some common signs of meth contamination in a home include unusual odors (such as ammonia or chemical smells), discolored walls or surfaces, burn marks, chemical containers, or suspicious behavior of previous occupants.
Getting a Meth Test before selling your home demonstrates transparency to potential buyers and helps avoid deal-breakers or disputes. It allows you to address any contamination issues proactively and negotiate with confidence.
The responsibility for paying for the Meth Test when selling a home depends on the agreement between the seller and the buyer. In some cases, the seller may include the test as part of their pre-listing preparations, while in others, the buyer may request and cover the cost during their due diligence process.
If the Meth Test reveals residue contamination in your home, consult with a professional decontamination company for remediation. If you are selling your home, addressing the issue promptly and transparently with potential buyers can lead to smoother negotiations and a successful sale. It's essential to disclose the findings and any remediation efforts to ensure full transparency with buyers.