Construction Phase Inspection

Building your new home is exciting as it gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose your homesite, design a floor plan that suites your needs, and select the finishes and features that reflect your unique style. However, building a new home is a process, one that deserves attention to detail and comprehensive assessment throughout every stage. That’s where Construction Phase Inspections become key! From Pre-Drywall Inspections to New Construction Inspections and everything in between, we’re here throughout every stage of your home building journey to ensure that your new home is built with quality and care in mind.

A house under construction with a blue sky
A house under construction with a blue sky

3 Steps

Our three-step process is efficient in ensuring that key issues are identified early and don’t disrupt the building process.


Of construction projects adhere to their original deadlines.


Of homeowners ran into an unexpected issue that needed repairs within their first year of ownership. New construction risks even more damages.

A house with wooden deck in construction

Why Get a Construction Phase Inspection with WIN?

Our tailored Construction Phase Inspection services ensure your new home meets the required standards for quality and safety. From the foundation to the finishing touches, our inspections focus on safety and quality assurance, giving you peace of mind. Trust WIN Home Inspection to inspect your new home at every stage of construction to help you make your dream home a reality.

Benefits of Construction Phase Inspection

Save Money: Address any issues during the construction process early to prevent significant repair costs down the road.
Ensure Quality Construction: Make necessary changes before the drywall is installed to keep the construction process on track and reduce repairs later.
Get a Partner for Life: With WIN, we become your trusted partner throughout your entire homeownership journey, and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

What is the Process of Construction Phase Inspections?

At WIN, our certified inspectors can help you no matter the stage of construction your new build home is in. We have specialized services designed to address the needs of your home in each stage of the building process. We also offer a Construction Phase Inspection as a standalone service if you need an additional inspection at any point throughout the construction journey.

A big house with a lawn and a red door


Pre-Drywall Inspection

First, we’ll inspect the major systems and structure of the home including the electrical, plumbing, and framing before the drywall covers them up, hiding any health or safety hazards.



New Construction Inspection



One-Year Warranty Inspection



Healthy Home Check


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WIN Home Inspection Reviews

Very detailed, professional and friendly, went through the inspection with us thoroughly and answered any and all questions we might’ve had.

Anthony V.

Very good company to choise for your inspections and I like the way they did their works. Thank you Jason.

Moza F.

WIN Home Inspection is a quality inspection company that I highly recommend for NEW home inspections. You would think: why would you hire an inspector for a new home. My past WIN inspection answers that question. Keith, the owner, found an issue with the... Read More

Carlyn R.

Very detailed, professional and friendly, went through the inspection with us thoroughly and answered any and all questions we might’ve had.

Anthony V.


Construction Phase Inspections ensure that your new construction home meets quality standards and is free from hidden defects. You’ll gain peace of mind by getting the chance to address key issues with your builder before moving in.
It is recommended to schedule inspections at three key stages: before the foundation is poured, before the drywall is installed, and once the home is complete but before you move in. These stages are essential for proactively identifying and addressing issues at each stage of the construction process.
It is often not legally mandated for builders to order Construction Phases Inspections. Typically, it is the responsibility of the buyer as it is a proactive step to ensure construction meets the highest standards of quality and safety and exceeds customer satisfaction.
During each stage of construction, different systems and structures are put into place, so it is important to speak with your WIN home inspector about what areas of your new home you need inspected to determine the right Construction Phase Inspection for you. You can also explore what’s included in each inspection by exploring the service page.
It varies depending on the type of inspection and size of the home; however, the average completion time is one to two hours.
If issues are detected, buyers can address them with the builder before closing on the home, ensuring that the home meets quality standards and is safe for occupancy.
Our Construction Phase Inspection does not assess compliance with building codes.