Move-In Inspection

Moving into a new home is an exciting new adventure. Whether it’s an apartment, condo, or single-family home, it’s important to have it inspected when moving in to protect you as a renter. In most cases, your rental company will have you complete a move-in assessment, where you have the opportunity to raise any areas of concern with the home that need to be addressed; however, most renters don’t know what to look for, and this can cause them to move into a home laden with issues or lose their deposit upon moving out.

A man pushing his child in a box at their new home
A man pushing his child in a box at their new home

3 out of 5

Home fire deaths occurred in properties without smoke alarms or with failed ones in 2021.

1 in 10

U.S. housing units reported seeing cockroaches in 2021.


Lead-based paint was banned. Homes or apartments built before then should be tested for lead.

Family moving in to a new house with boxes in their hand

Why Get a Move-In Inspection with WIN?

As a renter, you are likely unaware of the history of the home. You likely don’t know if the fireplace is in working order, where the electrical panels are, if the smoke detectors are present and functional, or any history of health or safety hazards. With WIN, you get an experienced professional to help you assess the current condition of the home you are moving into, so you can ensure you are protecting not only your health and safety, but also your future. Our trained inspectors are here to help you make the best of your rental situation, ensuring that everything is functioning properly, working efficiently, and is in working condition.

Benefits of Move-In Inspection

Protect Your Deposit: By ensuring that all issues are identified upfront during move-in, you can retain more of your deposit upon moving out.
Be an Informed Renter: Gain valuable insights into your home to help you be more equipped for life in your rental.
Save Money: Identify and address existing issues with the rental company before they become worse, or you become responsible for the repair cost.
Gain Peace of Mind: Enjoy confidence and comfortability in your new home knowing the condition is well kept and your deposit is secure.

How Does a Move-In Inspection Work?

At WIN, we are trained and experienced in helping you identify and address key issues within your rental property.

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Identify the Scope

We’ll start by addressing the scope of the inspection. This is typically determined by the type of home you are renting, such as a townhome, condo, or single-family home.



Inspect the Home



Receive Your Report



Have a Post-Inspection Consultation


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WIN Home Inspection Reviews

Very very thorough! Very nice and professional, they treat the home as if it were their own they were purchasing and leave no space untouched when inspecting! We were very please and can not thank them enough!! Highly recommend!!

Brittney S.

fast timely inspection very thorough and even followed through after inspection to help our move in by helping us set up gas, electric, internet and security. team and WIN home inspection are great kind people I could of spent my time setting things up... Read More

Julius T.

Very thorough home inspection. Very quick turnaround time on inspection report. Would highly recommend using WIN home inspection to anyone looking to move into a home.

Art V.

Very very thorough! Very nice and professional, they treat the home as if it were their own they were purchasing and leave no space untouched when inspecting! We were very please and can not thank them enough!! Highly recommend!!

Brittney S.


Yes! A Move-In Inspection is crucial before moving into your rental property as it lets you document the property's condition, so you gain peace of mind and can prevent unfair damage claims when you move out.
It is recommended to schedule your Move-In Inspection before moving into the rental property. Typically, you’ll have a specified timeframe to complete a move-in assessment and submit it to your rental company. You should schedule your Move-In Inspection during this time to help quickly identify and address any issues before this window of opportunity closes.
A Move-In Inspection assures quality and compliance with industry standards. It helps prevent future problems and enhances buyer satisfaction. With any rental property, many tenants are constantly moving in and out, causing wear and tear on the property. Ensuring the property is safe and ready for the next tenant is a great way to build trust with interested renters and potentially earn more rental income.
Typically, it is not legally mandated, however, it is a proactive step to ensure your rental property meets the highest standards and is ready for tenants to move in. We recommend checking with your local and state regulations if any inspections are legally required.
Move-In Inspections cover key areas and systems of the home, including the structure, interiors features, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and more to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the property's condition.
A Move-In Inspection typically takes between two to three hours, depending on the property's size and scope of the inspection.
If issues are detected during the inspection, it is recommended to indicate them on your move-in assessment and make your rental company aware of them immediately.
At WIN, we do test for these health and environmental hazards, however, these services are not included in a standard Move-In Inspection. Please contact your local WIN home inspector to explore all the services and savings packages that may be available for you.
Our Move-In Inspection does not assess compliance with building codes, however most codes are related to the health and safety of the occupants. Our comprehensive inspection will assess items that affect health and safety.