One-Year Warranty Inspection

Did you know that most new construction homes come with a one-year builder’s warranty? 60 to 30 days before your builder's one-year warranty expires, our One-Year Warranty Inspection inspect areas of your home covered by your warranty. With a One-Year Warranty Inspection report, you can address any identified issues with your builder before the warranty expires.

A beautiful white house with table and chairs
A beautiful white house with table and chairs

$300+ Savings

Annually by repairing existing items instead of replacing them.


Of warranty providers send a repair technician within two days of receiving a claim.

1.4 Million

Homes in the U.S. have home warranty coverage.

A clean bathroom with a double sink and two mirrors

Why Get a One-Year Warranty Inspection with WIN?

Our One-Year Warranty Inspection is designed to ensure that your new home has settled properly and safely. While we believe that new build homes are protected against common issues found with existing homes, that is simply not always the case. New construction homes are likely to need repairs within the first year, and it’s critical to address these issues while your home is still under warranty. With a One-Year Warranty Inspection, you can gain the knowledge you need to protect your investment.

Benefits of a One-Year Warranty Inspection

Save Money: Identify and address issues while they’re still covered under warranty to save money and prevent costly repairs later.
Maximize Your Warranty: Ensure that defects covered by your builder's one-year warranty are identified and resolved before your warranty expires.
Gain Peace of Mind: Enjoy continued confidence and satisfaction in your home by ensuring a safe and well-maintained environment.

How Does a One-Year Warranty Inspection Work?

At WIN, we are experienced in conducting One-Year Warranty Inspections, ensuring accurate results and comprehensive evaluations of your property's condition.

A happy family standing in front of a house


Inspect the Exterior

When inspecting the exterior features of the home, we check that there are no areas of concern with the drainage of the property, roof, gutters, siding, porches, decks, garage, foundation and more.


Inspect the Interior


Check the Major Systems


Receive and Use Your Report


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WIN Home Inspection Reviews

WIN home inspection exceeded my expectations. They were already working at the house when I arrived; they even had a drone flying around the property taking pictures. Our inspector was... Read More

Jacob D.

Win Inspectors are very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. Their reports are comprehensive and they provide a great warranty with their inspection. I use them often.

Connie L.

WIN home inspection made me feel protected and safe as my one year home warranty was about to end. They found things I would have never known to look for... Read More

Denise L.

WIN home inspection exceeded my expectations. They were already working at the house when I arrived; they even had a drone flying around the property taking pictures. Our inspector was... Read More

Jacob D.


One-Year Warranty Inspections help you identify and address construction defects and issues covered by the builder's warranty. This can save you money on repairs and help you maintain the value of the property.
If you do not have a one-year home warranty, yes, you should still have your new construction home evaluated after the first year. In this case, you’ll want to schedule a Healthy Home Check to help proactively identify and address and health and safety issues to help you protect your investment.
A One-Year Warranty Inspection covers the home’s major components such as the foundation, structure, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roof, and more, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of your home's condition.
A One-Year Warranty Inspection must be conducted before your builder's warranty expires. Scheduling this inspection on or before the 11th month allows for construction defects to appear while still giving the builder ample time to address any concerns before the warranty expires.
Yes, a One-Year Warranty Inspection provides valuable insights into your home's condition and can help you with your long-term maintenance planning as it helps you understand annual maintenance requirements.
The inspection itself is typically covered by the homeowner; however, many of the issues that could be found may be covered under warranty to be mitigated.
If the One-Year Warranty Inspection reveals issues with your property that are covered under the builder's warranty, it is typically the responsibility of the builder to address and rectify those issues at no cost to you as the homeowner.