Deck Inspection

Did you know that a seemingly sturdy deck can have hidden safety hazards like wood rot, loose floorboards, or unstable handrails? Over time, constant use and outdoor weather can cause serious wear and tear to decks, and without the homeowner realizing, poses safety hazards. At WIN Home Inspection, we're here to ensure your deck remains a safe outdoor haven for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy year-round.

WIN Home Inspector doing a deck inspection
WIN Home Inspector doing a deck inspection


Of the estimated 45 million decks in the U.S. are safe to use.


Of decks collapse due to ledger board separation.

6,000 People

Suffer injuries from deck collapses and failures every day.

Deck with a pergola and trees in the background

Why Get a Deck Inspection with WIN? 

Our tailored Deck Inspection helps ensure that your deck meets safety guidelines. Many homeowners are unaware of potential deck hazards that could arise after each changing season. Our trained inspectors assess your deck thoroughly, identifying aging components and unsafe features to help you address your deck's safety and increase its longevity.

Benefits of Deck Inspection

Identify Safety Risks: Discover unsafe areas of your deck early, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.
Prolong Deck Lifespan: Extend the life of your deck by addressing issues early, ensuring its durability and value over time.
Preserve Property Value: Protect your property investment by ensuring a secure and well-maintained deck.
Enjoy Peace of Mind: Gain reassurance in the safety of your deck, allowing you to relax and enjoy outdoor living without worries.

How Does a Deck Inspection Work?

At WIN, we are highly trained and use specialized equipment where needed to thoroughly inspect your deck.

WIN Home Inspector checking a deck at a house


Conduct the Assessment

Our inspectors evaluate deck components, including ledger flashing, posts, stairs, handrails and more. We inspect visible and accessible areas to identify potential issues.



Receive a Report


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WIN Home Inspection Reviews

Inspector showed up right on time and was very thorough and diligent. We appreciate their great work.

Brian C.

Our inspector was very knowledgeable and thorough. He definitely checked everything completely and explained what he was doing. He was personable and easy to communicate with about the inspection. Wonderful job!

Cheryl W.

WIN Home Inspection is excellent, their attention detail and accuracy in their reports is always top notch.

Kris R.

Inspector showed up right on time and was very thorough and diligent. We appreciate their great work.

Brian C.


While your deck was inspected during your WIN Full Home Inspection, a routine Deck Inspection can address seasonal risks. In the summer, increased deck usage puts extra wear, tear and strain on your deck, decreasing its life more quickly and increasing the likelihood of things breaking. In the winter, moisture and weather issues can threaten the deck’s structural integrity and potentially cause wood rot and mold. With a standalone Deck Inspection, or a Deck Inspection as part of your annual Healthy Home Check, you can ensure your deck remains safe to use all year long.
It is recommended to have your deck inspected annually to ensure its safety and structural integrity. More frequent inspections may be needed after a severe weather event.
A Deck Inspection can detect problems like wood decay, rot, insect damage, loose connections, or unstable railings and stairs, helping you address them promptly.
While you can and should visually inspect your deck often for damage, a professional Deck Inspection offers a thorough assessment, ensuring your deck is safe and meets current safety standards.
Conducting a Deck Inspection before listing can enhance your home's marketability and provide potential buyers with confidence in the deck's condition.
The responsibility for the cost of a Deck Inspection may vary. In some cases, sellers may choose to include it as part of their pre-listing preparations; however, in most cases, it is part of the buyer’s due diligence process.
If issues are found, as the seller, you can decide to repair them before listing, offer a credit to cover repairs or disclose the issues to potential buyers, allowing them to make informed decisions.