Four out of every five homes sold in the U.S. are evaluated by a professional home inspector, according to a study by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Home buyers request a home inspection because it can protect them from investing in a faulty home. And it is just as beneficial for sellers to get their home inspected as it is for buyers.

Here are some questions you should ask when researching a home inspection:

  1. What do I know about the existing condition of the house?

This is an important question for both buyers and sellers before a home inspection. Take note of any potential issues you notice right away. However, there may be issues that are not superficial, which will require a home inspector. So, do not be caught off-guard if you are unaware of some issues.

  1. Is the house priced appropriately?

After an inspection, the seller will be more informed about their house and better able to price it appropriately. It is more likely the house will sell more quickly if it is reasonably-priced, so it is a good idea if you have it inspected before being put on the market.

Appropriate pricing will expedite the selling process, which is beneficial for both buyers and sellers. Negotiations will go more smoothly if there has been a concrete, unbiased pre-sale assessment of the home. Since a third party has looked at the home and determined its condition, there will be fewer question marks lingering over the negotiations. The seller will know they're asking a fair price, and the buyer will be reassured they are making a smart investment.

  1. Will I have to spend more money later?

An inspection gives the seller a heads up for any issues that a prospective buyer would likely want repaired. They can fix these issues before listing the house, usually speeding up the selling process. Houses are also more marketable if they are clean and well maintained. This will prevent the seller from having their home sit on the market for months.

As a buyer, it is essential to get an inspection to make sure any issues are properly diagnosed. This saves buyers from having to make costly repairs later on, since they can either fix the issues when identified by an inspector or ask for closing credit for repairs that require a contractor.

Although 84 percent of home inspections are requested by buyers, sellers should be just as interested in getting their home inspected pre-sale. Find a trusted, friendly home inspector near you at WIN Home Inspection.