June is always a special time to celebrate fatherhood whether for your dad, your children's dad or yourself. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to come up with safe ways to spend time with friends and family. Here are 5 best social distancing-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas to celebrate the dads in your life while staying safe.

Set Up Backyard Glamping and Cookout

Backyard cookout WIN Home Inspection

Father's Day isn't complete without the grill master doing what he does best. Even if a little improvising is needed to up the ante just a bit to make up for social distancing requirements. Simply, plan out a day for camping and a cookout in the backyard that's limited to the immediate family. Pitch a tent, build a bonfire and toast marshmallows on a stick. Be sure to let the kids help so that they'll remember this for decades to come.

Social Distancing Tip: Those looking at the 5 best father’s day gift ideas for family that doesn't live together can send the dad a customized "World's Best Dad and Grill Master" apron or have grill ingredients delivered to his door. You can have them share in the moment with you and other family members via Zoom or Facebook live.

Fix Brunch in Bed Followed by DIY Spa Day

Men love to be spoiled and pampered too, so get the kids in on making their dad a delicious breakfast in bed before he wakes up. Depending on the age of the kids, you can help them with simple dishes like bagels topped with cream cheese and fruit. Kids who are older can cook traditional eggs and toast or heart-shaped pancakes. There are a myriad of kid-friendly recipes online that are perfect for dad. Once he's finished his meal, the kids can treat him to a nice facial.

Social Distancing Tip: If you'd love to pamper your dad from a distance, simply order breakfast from his favorite restaurant and have it delivered through Uber Eats and other similar services. You can also send off small spa kit designed especially for dad.

Brew His Favorite Beer to Drink While Watching Sports

Brew Father's Day WIN Home Inspection

If the father in your life is a beer connoisseur who enjoys draft beers, then a DIY Homebrew Starter Kit you can order online may be right up his alley. The finished product may take a little while before it's ready to drink, but that is part of the fun. By the time sports arenas opened back up he will be a pro!

Social Distancing Tip: Although sporting events have been temporarily put on hold due to the pandemic, your main man can still enjoy his favorite teams. Buy him a subscription, so he can enjoy a brew while watching pro   and  games online.

Themed Movie Night with a Twist

Movie night is always a treat for families with children, so make it more than just a typical night by coming up with a theme. Pick a movie together or vote for one, and then dress up like the characters in the movie. Pick snack foods that relate to the movie as well. If you have a movie projector, you can show movies outside and make it like a drive-in theatre experience.

Social Distancing Tip: Send a father a movie kit from afar. This can include a DVD, microwave popcorn, their favorite beer and boxes of candy just like you get at the movie theatre. The family can have a virtual movie night online as well.

Go on a Virtual Vacation to Bucket List Destinations

Virtual vacation WIN Home Inspection

Father's Day is often a good time to take a trip with the family even during a quarantine. Many national parks, museums and other organizations offer virtual tours online. You can experience tours as if you were right there. Have a discussion together about what was seen and what was liked the most.

Social Distancing Tip: Virtual vacations are hosted online, so there's no reason you can't get the entire family in on the trip. Simply set up a Zoom video call so that you all can take the trip. Out of all 5 best Father’s Day gift ideas, this one is fun for the entire family no matter where they live.

As you can see, these 5 best Father’s Day gift ideas are just unique takes on common ways to celebrate. Whether the father in your life loves beer, cooking out, movies, traveling or being pampered, a little creativity is all that's needed to help stay safe during a pandemic.