If you're selling your home right now, you're probably aware that we are still in what's called a 'buyer's market.' Property values have been steadily increasing for the last few years, but it can still be difficult to get the price you want for your home. With that in mind, we've compiled our top six tips to sell your house quickly for the best possible price.

1. Keep online sales in mind

According to the National Association of Realtors, 92 percent of homebuyers look online before they ever set foot in a home. This means that even if your home is beautiful in person, you are going to have a hard time selling it if it doesn't look great online as well. Buyers will see your location and local amenities no matter what, so think about what you can do to make your listing stand out. Pictures are essential, as is the image quality. Consider having a professional take interior photos - you'll be amazed what they can do with the right angles and lighting.

A video tour of your home might also tip the scales in your favor. Reader's Digest suggests that you not just stop at your front door - show prospective buyers around the neighborhood. If you show how much you and your family love your house, it will be easier for buyers to imagine themselves happy in your home.

2. Find the right agent

Not all agents are created equal. MSN Real Estate stresses that the right agent should be honest with you about your home's value and potential to sell. Agents that promise a price point significantly higher than what you expected should set off a red flag - they want your business, but may not be able to deliver.

Once you have a good agent, listen to them. Your agent has probably been selling houses in your area or price range - ideally both - for quite some time, so remember that he or she probably knows some things that you don't.

3. Be willing to price low

Katya Dennis, an agent for David Lyng Real Estate, told MSN Real Estate that one of the best ways to get your value for a home is to price lower. Many sellers want to list above the market value for the home in order to have some negotiating room, she explains, but this strategy can lead a home to sit on the market, encouraging low-ball offers. Instead, she suggests that a home be priced under what the most recent home in the area sold for. This can lead to multiple offers, which in turn leads to a bidding war, driving up the price.

4. Fix any problems

Buyers are commonly unwilling or unable to look past simple defects - even ones that are easy to fix. If you're selling your home, fix anything that looks obviously broken, dingy or just too far-out for the average buyer. That includes broken doorknobs, that leaky faucet you've been promising to fix yourself and anything else that might cause a buyer to think about doing work before moving in.

5. Make it neat

This means no clutter of any sort - on tables, counters, corners of the floor, everything! Make your home look pristine. Further, think about taking down anything personal, like family photos. We know everyone wants to see that photo of you and your brood in front of the Grand Canyon, but it helps buyers to visualize themselves in your house if it isn't as obvious that you are still living there. If you really want to go all out, consider staging your home to give it that extra push.

6. Get a home inspection

Before moving into a home, it's standard to get a move in inspection. Buyers know that this costs money, so get the jump on them and get your own qualified home inspection. By saving them time and the cost of the inspection, you can make your home a more desirable buy and potentially beat out local competition.