How to Make Your Home Healthier - Tips and Ideas

Your home is your sanctuary. It is where family gathers, memories are made, and life happens. While you cannot control everything, like noise pollution and the weather, you can and should take precautionary actions to safeguard your health within your home. READ MORE

How to Choose The Right Home Inspector

Now that you have decided to purchase a home inspection and safeguard the health and safety of you and your family, it is time to settle on an inspector. A home inspector is someone you want to have a trusted relationship with, as they are responsible for safeguarding your and your family’s safety. READ MORE

PFAS in Your Water: What You Need to Know and How to Remove Them

Keeping your family safe can often feel like an impossible task, however, monitoring your drinking water for hazardous chemicals is one way you can protect your family from danger right in your home. Water quality testing is a comprehensive measure families can take to ensure dangerous chemicals are not entering you or your children's bloodstreams. READ MORE

Why Apartment Inspections are Important When Moving into a New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting and momentous occasion in anyone's life. However, before unpacking your boxes and settling into your new home, it is crucial to prioritize a thorough inspection of the property. READ MORE

What is Infrared Thermography Used for in a Home Inspection?

If you’re looking to protect you and your family from fire hazards, thermal imaging is the way to go. Infrared thermography, also known as IR thermal imaging, is a powerful technology that has revolutionized the home inspection arena. With its ability to detect hidden issues and provide valuable insights on home health, IR scanning is an indispensable tool for homeowners, buyers, sellers, and home inspectors. READ MORE

How to Spot Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

If not addressed promptly, water damage to your home can be a serious issue leading to health problems, safety concerns, and expensive repairs. Water leakage can cause structural damage to your property and even result in hazardous mold growth, for instance. This article aims to enlighten homeowners about the risks of water damage, how to spot the signs early, and how to mitigate potential health and structural risks. READ MORE

WIN Home Inspection’s Healthy Home Check: Protecting You and Your Home from Disaster

While the weather is warm, and kids are out of school, it is important to think ahead to winter’s darker days when home improvement seems both less compelling and feasible. Now is the time to invest in the safety of all living under your roof – and WIN Home Inspection's Healthy Home Check offers a comprehensive solution. READ MORE

Understanding Air Pollution and Its Impacts on Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is a significant concern as it directly impacts our health. It is especially harmful to the young, elderly, or those with pre-existing respiratory conditions. It can cause a host of health issues ranging from minor allergic reactions to severe respiratory diseases, heart disease, and even cancer. READ MORE

The Importance of Pest Inspection and How it Helps to Deal with Common Household Pests

In the sanctuary of your home, unwanted guests like pests are never welcome. They pose a serious threat to not only the structural integrity of your house but also to the health and safety of your family. Pests such as termites and various types of insects can carry diseases, inflict significant damage to your home, and generally create an uncomfortable living environment. READ MORE

Summer Home Safety and Maintenance Checklist: Your Complete Guide

Summertime offers the perfect opportunity for homeowners to address essential home safety and maintenance tasks. With the rise in temperatures, your cooling system works overtime, and without proper care, its efficiency could drop significantly, leading to discomfort and higher energy bills. READ MORE