7 Reasons Why You Should Check Your Gutters Today

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10 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

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Fall Lawn Care

Fall is here and spring is a dream away, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start preparing your lawn for next spring. Don’t let the slow-growing grass and the imminent plunging temperature of winter fool you into complacency when it comes to lawn care. Here’s a good to-do list for your lawn this fall. Hurry. The promise of a lush and healthy lawn next spring depends on this. READ MORE

Fireplace Inspection: Why You Need Your Fireplace Inspected

A fireplace inspection is recommended every one to two years. Sometimes it is essential to have it inspected—especially before buying or selling a home. An inspection is important for a newer fireplace but it is crucial for a unit in an older home. An unsafe fireplace or chimney is a serious cause for concern and, therefore, you should be aware of the condition before it’s too late. READ MORE

Fireplace Maintenance: 10 Tips for Maintaining a Wood-Burning Fireplace

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Halloween Decorating: Safe Halloween Decorating Tips

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Knob and Tube Wiring: Risks and Replacement

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Preventive Maintenance: How To Take Care of Your Washing Machine

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How To Organize Your Home

Tired of seeing a cluttered house after a long day at the office? Home should be a place of refuge—a place where you can relax but that’s just not happening when a messy living room or kitchen is what welcomes you. So, how to organize your home efficiently? We’ve rounded up some tips to help you get started. READ MORE