WIN Veterans: The Ayala Brothers

Learn about two brothers: Jose and Rey, who co-own WIN Charles Town together. We are proud to have them both in the WIN family, seeing their knowledge and achievements incorporated into his business. READ MORE

Remembering Our Deployed Soldiers Through Wearing Red on Fridays 

R.E.D. Fridays are a practice in wearing the color red on Fridays because R.E.D. stands for “Remembering Everyone Deployed.” This serves as a reminder for Americans to remember all our military personnel deployed in service to our country. READ MORE

How to Save Money on Repairs and Maintenance of Your Home

As a current or potential homeowner, it's a good idea to have a basic understanding of home maintenance. READ MORE

5 Ways You Can Enhance Your Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance

Each Spring, many homeowners dedicate time to a much-needed cleaning of their homes. In a solid day’s work, you can check off all the items on your list, making a huge difference in your long-term day-to-day. In fact, a recent study showed spring cleaning is on the rise, with three out of four Americans spring cleaning yearly, increasing focus on maintaining a clean and healthy home. Here are five key areas that every homeowner should consider incorporating into their Spring-cleaning routine. READ MORE

Home Gardening Tips to Celebrate National Garden Month

Celebrate National Garden Month with these easy home gardening tips. Learn more about different types of plants, how to start a garden, and how to keep it growing. READ MORE

Commercial Property Inspection

A commercial inspection is a part of the due diligence process in acquiring an investment property. The investor is looking for a building to generate benefits through capital gain or rental services in office spaces, industrial buildings, multi-family rentals, and retail. Being such a significant investment, commercial property inspections are critical to helping the investor make crucial decisions on whether to purchase the building and what improvements they may need to make now and in the future. READ MORE

National Home Inspection Month 2022: Checklist for a buyer’s home inspection

This April, National Home Inspection Month, learn about the importance of getting a home inspection. This important service can provide you with crucial information whether you are a buyer looking to purchase your dream home, a seller who wants to avoid unpleasant surprises during a sale, a homeowner who wants to invest in regular upkeep of your home, or a realtor helping your clients make the right choice. Learn More..... READ MORE

Completing Annual Home Maintenance with a Local Home Inspector

Homeowners can work with WIN Home Inspection for their annual home maintenance inspection to detect issues early, identify health hazards and identify maintenance READ MORE

National Poison Prevention Week 2022: Tips to Prevent Poisoning at Home

National Poison Prevention Week is an excellent time to increase awareness about the measures you can take to prevent unintentional poisoning.  It is also the perfect opportunity to inspect your home for products or issues that can be hazardous to your health. READ MORE

Homebuyers' and Realtors' Guide to Open House - Do's and Don’ts

Ready to host or attend open houses? Here are a few tips for homebuyers and real estate agents to get the most out of this experience. READ MORE