Everything You Should Know About a Pre-Offer Inspection

Buying a house is stressful enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about looking around for a trusted and licensed home inspector. With all your inspection needs, WIN Home Inspection has you covered! Our licensed, trained, and insured home inspectors would love to perform Pre-Offer Inspection for you. Find a WIN home inspector near you and schedule your Pre-Offer Inspection today! READ MORE

A Step-to-step Guide to Buying Your Perfect Home

Buying a house can be a tough, complicated time for some. There are a lot of steps along the way - not to mention the major financial commitment. However, this process can be made much easier with the help of a home inspection professional. These experts can clarify any concerns potential buyers may have regarding the safety and security of a house, from the roof down to the foundation. READ MORE

How to Test Indoor Air Quality to Breathe Safely  

Every day when you walk through the door, you notice something strange: your nose starts to run, your throat feels a little scratchy, and it's a bit hard to breathe. You probably blame it on allergies, but the truth could be much more concerning: poor indoor air quality. READ MORE

Simple Tips to Turn Up the Appeal of Your Home

A homeowner who wants to enhance the value of their home may consider numerous home repairs. With a thorough Home Maintenance Inspection, homeowners everywhere can get actionable insights into their home so they can develop a game plan to complete home maintenance and repairs and start to see a larger return on their investment. READ MORE

Energy Saving Tips to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Appliances in homes are a crucial part of our lives but can also contribute to high energy bills if not used efficiently. Here are a few easy energy saving tips to reduce your electric bill while extending the life of your appliances! READ MORE

Lung Cancer Risks in the Home: Causes and Prevention 

This National Lung Cancer Awareness Day, protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of lung cancer. Have your home inspected for radon, radon in water, air pollution and asbestos to decrease the risk of developing lunch cancer and gain peace of mind in your home. Don’t wait, call your local WIN home inspector today and schedule your inspection! READ MORE

How To Make Your Vacant Home Look Occupied

When selling a home, many sellers hope to sell their home before moving into their new one, but that is not always possible. Unfortunately, that can leave their old home empty and vacant for some time. Because nobody is keeping an eye on the home, a vacant home is susceptible to a variety of risks. READ MORE

Radon Symptoms: Exposure, Health Risk, and Prevention

Symptoms of radon poisoning do not present themselves immediately. It can take years of exposure to this dangerous gas before you experience symptoms, but serious health issues may have already developed. READ MORE

Do’s and Don'ts for Selling your Home: A Complete Guide for Sellers

Selling your home is a scary thought. A lot goes into the process and many people feel they are underprepared when it comes time to sell their homes. “What should I do? What shouldn’t I do?” are questions we hear a lot. This article is here to help answer some of those questions and hopefully ease your selling experience. READ MORE

Keep Your Home Safe with a Chimney and Fireplace Inspection

A Chimney and Fireplace Inspection is essential to ensure your home is safe and sound. At WIN, our inspectors are well-trained and certified to check all aspects of your chimney and fireplace to make sure they are functioning properly and safely. If your home has a fireplace and chimney and hasn’t had an annual inspection, call your local WIN home inspector today to schedule this critical service. We look forward to helping keep you and your family safe! READ MORE