Condo Inspection: What Buyers Need to Know

Some prospective buyers feel that a condo inspection is unnecessary since their homeowners association (HOA) will cover many issues. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that can leaves new owners on the hook for additional costs. An inspector can help identify issues before you make a commitment. READ MORE

House Remodeling: What to Consider

Are you considering remodeling your home or buying a home that's been remodeled? In addition to your personal preferences, there are a few practical things you need to keep in mind. READ MORE

Exterior Home Appliance Maintenance and Safety

The appliances outside of your home should be properly cared for and used. These tips will help keep your exterior home appliances in good shape and prevent accidental injuries when using them. READ MORE

How To Keep Pipes From Freezing

As the temperature drops, it's time to make changes around the house to get everything in order for the cold season ahead. One of the most important things to do is be aware of issues that can lead to pipes freezing and take steps to help prevent that from happening. If pipes do freeze, the pressure can cause them to burst, requiring action to repair them quickly, and potentially causing additional water damage READ MORE

Tank Vs Tankless Water Heater: Pros, Cons, Comparison and Costs

Water heaters play an important role in the comfort and ease of your daily life. They are also a major investment. It's necessary to do your research, make careful comparisons and decide which type is the best choice for you and your family. The following article explains what tank and tankless water heaters are, the pros and cons of each, the costs and how to decide which may be the better choice for you. READ MORE

Home Exterior Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Winter

The Winter season is a time for holiday cheer, but it also brings snow, ice, and powerful winds. This may mean that the exterior of your home needs some extra attention to get ready for the cold. Here are a few easy steps you can take to help prepare your home for winter and go into the holiday season with peace of mind. READ MORE

Holiday Decorating Safety

The festive spirit is in the air, and there’s no better way to join in on the holiday cheer than to get creative with your home decorations. However, stringing those Christmas lights, hanging that decor, and kindling the menorah should always be done with safety in mind. Here are tips to do just that. READ MORE

10 Essential Holiday Cooking Safety Tips

Reuniting with loved ones for the holidays typically means cooking is going to take place – a lot of cooking. Prepared meals get larger than ever, and those of us who don't cook regularly are often tasked with feeding the extended family and friends. This can lead to risks from fires and injuries, but you can minimize these risks with the following holiday cooking safety tips. READ MORE

Water Pressure Booster: How to Increase Water Pressure in Your House

As you rush through the day, the last thing you need is slowly trickling water that takes ages to fill even a bucket. Before installing a water pressure booster to resolve the issue, troubleshoot the problem first. Here are quick fixes for common issues. READ MORE

7 Reasons Why You Should Check Your Gutters Today

Gutter cleaning is an essential but often overlooked maintenance task. Left uncleaned, gutters quickly clog, causing potentially thousands of dollars of damage to your roof, walls, and foundations. READ MORE