As temperatures rise, green hoses turn into water slide suppliers and popsicles stain white t-shirts you know summer is finally upon us. Time outside increases and your backyard might need to be pumped up for the season - especially if you have children. 

There are a number additions and adjustments you can incorporate in your backyard that will instantly increase the fun factor. Know how to properly and safely engineer the coolest backyard features for your kiddos and start enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Tire swing time
A tire swing is a beautiful and fun slice of classic American childhood. This is largely because it is so easy and affordable. According to DIY Network, all you need is rope, a tire and a large and healthy hardwood tree. 

Ensure that the tire is in good shape. Cracks in the rubber may lead to issues in the future and cut into the life of your tire swing. You can buy a new tire or save money by using an old one. Tire shops sometimes sell used tires for significantly lower prices. Also purchase a rope that is capable of holding 695 pounds or more. Twisted nylon and polypropylene or polyester can hold between 1,090 and 1,420 pounds. Invest in 15 to 20 feet of rope for your project. 

When you tie your rope around the tree and tire you can use the same type of knot. A rolling hitch knot is a good one to use for a tire swing because it is very secure. However, this knot is fairly complicated. Research various knots before heading out to tie up your swing to ensure you properly and safely secure the tire swing.

Use a ladder to reach a sturdy limb in the tree you have selected. Throw your rope over the branch and allow approximately 1 foot to extend past the limb so you can loop, knot and tighten the rope around the tree. Next you will want to tie a knot to secure the tire to the rope as well. 

Sunken trampoline 

Bouncing the afternoon away is a great way to stay physical during the long summer months. A sunken trampoline is a unique way to pump up the fun while keeping it safe, according to Good Home Design. By simply digging a hole and anchoring the trampoline, you can have a sunken trampoline of your own in the backyard. 

Conduct a property inspection and ensure you check with local codes to check that you can legally complete this project. 

It's playtime 

A playground is a great way to add a fun feature to your backyard. You can purchase a pre-built playground and install it in your backyard or build your own. Building a playground yourself can save a significant amount of money, but will take more time and effort.

Money Crashers noted you will need to find building plans, gather materials and recruit some help from neighbors, friends or family members when embarking on this particular project. 

Building plans for playgrounds can be found online or at your local hardware store. offers a number of different plans for jungle gyms, swingsets and fort towers. Ask your children what they would like to see in their own playground. If they like swinging and playing on monkey bars, you can customize your final product to these demands. 

Once you have the blueprints you can collect the lumber and other supplies necessary for your playground and start working on building. Having a little help from someone with woodworking skills will help a great deal.

Taking on a tree house

Tree houses are the perfect backyard feature for those with wild and limitless imaginations. These structures can become the meeting place for a club, the perfect spot to sneak away and devour a good book or a cool spot to camp under the summer stars. A project of this caliber requires more work, skill and expertise but can add a great deal of fun to your yard.

Consider hiring a professional contractor to construct the perfect tree house. You may even want to do an inspection to ensure the trees are capable of supporting the weight of a tree house.
The Family Handyman emphasized the importance of not restricting the tree's growth when developing plans for a tree house. 

Because of the nature of this type of project, you will also want to construct each component of the tree house on the ground and hoist it up into the tree. Get adequate and qualified help for this task to avoid injury or improper construction. 

With temperatures warming up, your kiddos will love having fun features to spend hours playing in the summer sun. Spend a weekend or two enhancing your backyard into the perfect paradise for your young ones.