The most important step when buying a home is to have it inspected. While this process typically isn't designed to make or break a home purchase, it is essential in clueing a buyer in on the condition of a home. 

Considering a home is the largest purchase most people make, it's all the more important to have it inspected. A reputable home inspector will assess the condition of the house, from the foundation to the roof, allowing a buyer to make a more informed decision. 

A home inspection is also ideal for future planning. Maybe a buyer is purchasing a fixer-upper on purpose so he or she can eventually make improvements and sell the home for a profit. A home inspection will be essential in revealing any issues with the home, as well as how long it might be until a roof, furnace or appliance needs to be replaced.

Home inspections have become commonplace in the homebuying process, and anyone purchasing a home won't want to go without one. Buyers stand to gain by knowing every inch of the property, and a home inspection is a solution to doing just that.