The holiday season isn't just about getting a home inspection to ensure your house is prepared for harsh winter weather. It's also a time for gathering and feasting with family.

On Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays, your kitchen appliances may be running nonstop as you're preparing food and cleaning up after the festivities. Let's not forget the many nights you be popping gingerbread cookies and other sweets into the oven between holidays.

Although food isn't the main focus of winter holidays, it does play a big role in the U.S. As such, you don't want your kitchen appliances throwing in the towel right before the big dinner.

Here are some tips to help you determine if your appliances are in need of repairs or a replacement before the festivities begin:

  • Gas oven: On average, this appliance can last for 10 to 18 years, which is good news if you moved into a home that came with updated kitchen amenities. However, if your oven is older, you may start to experience some issues. Some fixes can be simple, such as replacing the pilot light. Others can be more expensive and cost more to fix than what the oven is worth. Given an oven's durability, more homeowners get a replacement for the sake of having a new model than they do because a new one is necessary.
  • Microwave: With many foods being cooked at once, there's a good chance some of your guests will want to reheat their plates before they chow down. Just be sure your microwave is up to the task. This appliance has an average lifespan of nine years, which means it should be good to go for some time. If your model is past this threshold and exhibits issues such as taking longer to heat food, you likely need a new one.
  • Dishwasher: Paper plates can save on cleanup time, but sometimes a sturdy piece of dishware is the only thing that can support generous helpings of turkey, dressing and ham, among other delicious foods commonly served on holidays in the U.S. However, this means all those plates must be cleaned. If you have a dishwasher, this may seem like a small feat. Just be certain your unit is prepared for overtime. Dishwashers also have an average lifespan of nine years. Like an oven, there are many parts that can have individual issues, and fixing these parts may not cost much. On the other hand, for more costly repairs or if the unit is past its life expectancy, there's a good chance you'll need additional repairs in a few months, so an upgrade may be better.
  • Kitchen disposal: This appliance, which is also helpful for cleanup, can last at least 12 years. If it's not performing correctly, you may need to replace only the blades or clean the unit. In other cases, despite your best maintenance efforts, kitchen disposals are ready for retirement. These appliances can be inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Refrigerator: One staple of any holiday is the mass amount of leftovers that occupy your fridge for days after the festivities. Considering you'll be eating these foods for each meal for at least a week, you want the leftovers to stay fresh. Refrigerators can last nine to 13 years, and you should consider a replacement if your unit no longer keeps your food cold. Additionally, the type of fridge you have can affect the repair costs.

No matter what appliance needs fixing, check to see if the unit is still covered under the manufacturer warranty before making any decisions. Also, if you need a replacement, consider upgrading to green appliances to recoup some of the costs through energy savings.