During summer, air conditioners are vital in many homes. These machines make it easy for property owners to beat the heat, but a damaged unit could cause serious problems.

Phil Montgomery, the owner of an Atlanta-based air conditioning maintenance company, notes that AC repair costs can quickly add up for homeowners. However, property owners who understand the impact of these expenses can take steps to avoid costly repairs.

Change air filters periodically

A clean system will run efficiently for an extended period of time. Property owners should make it a priority to examine the quality of an AC unit before summer, as this may allow them to avoid numerous challenges down the line.

Completing a spring home inspection could be valuable for property owners. At this time, homeowners can evaluate the condition of an AC system along with the quality of their residences and complete repairs without delay.

Check the power source

Unfortunately, all AC units require power sources to function. Property owners who examine whether or not their units work properly prior to summer could benefit for the next few months.

According to Montgomery, a poor refrigerant charge is among the most common problems he encounters with AC systems. Homeowners who notice that an AC unit runs but does not cool a house may need to have this problem fixed by trained, qualified professionals.

Keep the AC unit clean

Throughout summer, an AC system could get dirty, which may limit its effectiveness. Property owners who develop maintenance schedules, however, can avoid expensive repairs by cleaning out a system regularly. 

"Homeowners should clean [an] air conditioner periodically," Montgomery said. "Using a garden hose, a homeowner can spray down the coils, and then use an air conditioning cleaner on them. Homeowners should be sure to follow all directions on the cleaning solution and thoroughly rinse the coils after cleaning them. The unit should be allowed to dry thoroughly before being used."

Typically, cleaning an AC unit can be completed in one day and may deliver long-lasting benefits. Homeowners can avoid costly AC unit breakdowns if they invest even just a few hours to check out the quality of a system.

Enjoy comfortable indoor environments by making AC unit maintenance a part of a spring property inspection. By evaluating the condition of this system before summer, homeowners can keep their residences cool throughout the entire season.