Buying a small house has some benefits, but there are also challenges, which may include a tiny backyard.

Whether you want more space for your kids and pets to play or enough room for furniture and plants, small backyards can make these goals harder to achieve. However, if you can get the financing you need, the home inspection returns positive news and the seller is ready to close the transaction with an attractive sale price, you may not be able to pass on a deal. The good news is there are ways to get the most out of small spaces, including compact kitchens and tiny bathrooms.

Here are some space-saving tips for your home's backyard:

  • Minimize your furniture. If you're not one to entertain guests often, there's no need for a plethora of backyard furniture. Instead of purchasing a couple of outdoor sofas and a long rectangular table, opt for a love seat, a couple of chairs and a smaller, circular table. Additionally, look for furniture that is multifunctional to save more space.
  • Downsize the fence. Although gaining privacy from a high fence is beneficial for homeowners who want a more secluded lifestyle, installing a tall border to your small backyard can further minimize the space. Instead, consider fence styles that are shorter and more decorative to add to your landscape's charm.
  • Use bold colors. When selecting plants for your backyard, go with options that are fetching to the eye. If guests are immersed in the beautiful sunflowers, orchids and other plants, they'll spend less time noticing how cozy the yard is.
  • Create a vertical garden. If your yard doesn't have a lot of horizontal space for plants, take advantage of the vertical space. Hang some potted plants or install shelves to display flower boxes. Also, consider vines or other climbing plants that you can direct to neatly grow on the side of your home, shed or garage.
  • Use textures to your advantage. Tropical plants with large, smoother leaves tend to make a backyard appear to have additional space.
  • Create a focal point. In urban areas where all types of space are scarce, your yard may be surrounded by high walls on neighboring buildings or other distracting structures. To keep guests focused on the beauty of your landscape, establish a focal point. Consider a small water feature or a stand to display a potted plant.