As autumn is in full swing and winter approaches, the nights will get longer, which means you'll have to do more to brighten your house.

If you're selling your home, the brightness can be a key selling point. Prospective buyers may not be that interested in a house that looks like a cave, especially if the lack of light prevents them from fully examining the space.

Here are some steps you can take to address brightness issues:

Clean up

Considering you're selling your house, this step should already be on your to-do list. You'd be surprised how much dirt can accumulate on your windows and inhibit light from flowing into your house. Wash your windows and declutter, as you don't want your possessions blocking light from the windows.

Also, replace burned out light bulbs. This helps you in two ways: prospective buyers get a good look at the house and don't assume a dead bulb indicates electrical issues to be found by the home inspection.


This is another step you may already be taking on as you sell your house. Opt for lighter neutrals rather than dark colors. Light colors reflect more light and can make the space appear larger.

Let light in

During summer, you may have put up solar drapes to block sunlight and reduce the amount of solar heat in your home. Now that the temperatures are dropping and the nights are longer, sunlight doesn't present an issue. Open your blinds and drapes to allow light to enter your house.

An added benefit of this step is the solar heat can be great for reducing your energy bill in winter.

Use mirrors

Like lighter paint colors, mirrors can bounce light around your house. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to install floor-to-ceiling mirrors on a wall, but a few mirrors here and there can go a long way.

Hang a large mirror on a wall across from a window to reflect light. You can also place a few small mirrors on bookshelves and other places.

Add a window or skylight

If you're looking for a more costly solution, you can have a professional cut a new window or skylight. This can be particularly helpful if your current windows aren't placed in a manner where the sight lines allow light to permeate your house.