Your real estate professional can be your best bet for getting a home that you'll love with the most advantageous terms and price. 

However, while your agent is there to help you in the home buying process, you have to do what you can to let the expert do his or her job. Often, buyers can get in the way of their own house hunt - sometimes to such an extent that the real estate agent becomes indignant.

Here are some behaviors to avoid if you want to keep your agent happy:

Don't waste your agent's time

There are many serious buyers in the market and at times few real estate professionals to help them find a home. If you're able to get an agent, understand the value of the time you're scheduled to spend together.

Don't blow off appointments. Give adequate notice if you can't make it to a showing. Also, give each property your agent brings you to a chance. Of course, it can be difficult to see the value in a home with little curb appeal, but there's a reason your expert saw the property as a fit for you. That reason could be enough to forgive poor lawn maintenance and ugly exterior paint colors.

Furthermore, make sure that you're serious about purchasing a property before viewing homes with an agent. One of the most infuriating behaviors is when buyers have an agent show them multiple homes without making an offer. If you're window shopping or testing the market, you don't need an expert to chaperone you.

Don't step on your agent's toes

When you employ help in the home buying process, it's typically not because you solely want someone else to do all the legwork. You request help because you want an expert to find you the best home in the least amount of time possible.

As such, let your agent be the expert. Sure, it's a good idea to do your own market research to understand current housing trends and better guide your ultimate decision, but real estate professionals tend to have knowledge of national and local housing market data and how to properly negotiate with sellers. An Internet connection doesn't make you a real estate professional. If, for instance, your agent says that your initial offer is way too low and you should pressure the seller to pay for the home inspection, there's a good reason behind that judgment, so listen to the advice.

Don't be too picky

It's not unreasonable to have your dream home envisioned down to the tiniest details. When you meet with your agent to discuss your expectations, he or she will note all of these desires and work hard to find properties that match those traits.

However, no home is going to exactly match the house of your dreams. If your agent presents you with homes that have 90 percent of what you requested and you only focus on the 10 percent that's missing, you're likely going to annoy him or her. Some compromises need to be made, and if you're trusting in your agent's expertise, you know that the sacrifices won't be too great.

Don't let small or inexpensive fixes ruin your chances at getting a home or working with a qualified real estate professional. Once a property inspection is conducted, you'll be aware of any issues that require serious attention, warrant a lower offer or are cause for considering other options.

Also, make certain that you know what you want before talking with an agent, as buyers who constantly change their search parameters are troublesome.