Every homeowner faces a number of annoying problems - including plumbing. These issues can turn into both headaches and money pits, and in many cases residents don't fully understand what is actually going on in walls, the basement and under cabinets.

For starters, a home inspection can clear everything up if need be. Any property may need a thorough check, and these professionals can provide useful insights and recommendations about potential hazards. In addition, learning about a few common plumbing issues can make explaining the problem much simpler.

What's going on behind the scenes

Plumbers are called in for a variety of reasons. From clogs and leaks to smells and noises, there is plenty that could go wrong with this crucial home component. 

For example, toilets are often a cause for concern, according to MSN Real Estate. Food, oil and debris can get lodged in a pipe and stop everything from working. This can also apply to drains, such as in the shower. When calling in a professional to take a look, homeowners should ask about the cost of repair upfront. This area can cause the biggest confusion, since some charge a flat rate while others charge for each individual part of the job. Just like with a checkup at the doctor's office, the past history of the home's plumbing should be discussed. A number of recent events could have contributed to a problem.

Most importantly, homeowners should take any plumbing problem as an opportunity to get educated. Whether asking a home inspection professional about any problems or talking it through with a plumber, learning more now can prevent future issues.

Plumbing faults that require attention

As with any part of a home, plumbing problems happen. A property inspection can be a good way to figure out what is really going on, and many things require some added attention.

According to New Hampshire-based Al Terry Plumbing, a lot of homeowners ignore leaking taps. If this occurs, letting it be could lead to higher utility bills or even further damage to a house. Often, the easy fix includes replacement washers or a new tap. Faulty water heaters are another common issue with plumbing. This could be because of a loose connection or another broken part, all of which are typically easy fixes.

In order to save money on repair bills, homeowners should remain vigilant when it comes to plumbing. Letting problems linger can do additional damage, and that means more costs.