From foundation and roofing to plumbing and HVAC, there are many aspects in a home that need to be monitored year-round. Unfortunately for majority of homeowners, due to lack of knowledge or time, these issues may go unnoticed leading to expensive repairs.

Conducting a regular maintenance inspection in a home can avoid these issues and help stay proactive with preventative care. This is almost like an annual body check-up to keep up with preventative care of our health.

“Over the last 15 years as a home inspector, I’ve seen firsthand how lack of routine maintenance can lead to breakdown and loss in value of a home,” said Mike Hankins, Owner and Inspector at WIN Home Inspection. “We want to change that by using our experience to help homeowners learn how to protect the value of their home.”  

Why it’s vital to identify issues early

According to a recent CNBC article, 77% of homebuyers face unexpected repair costs in the first year of ownership, survey finds. These unforeseen issues and repairs can be costly when detected early, but the savings can significantly benefit your budget and health.

For instance, evaluating and repairing or replacing a sump pump costs much less than a flooded basement, while detecting mold early can keep all who live in a home safe from its dangers.

What is a Home Maintenance Inspection?

WIN offers a Home Maintenance Inspection, a service any homeowner can take advantage of. This service allows homeowners to stay ahead of the issues, ensure safety and potentially avoid costly repairs.

The service offers homeowners peace of mind:

  • Inspection conducted by highly trained inspectors using innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Early detection of home issues
  • Assistance in finding local companies to perform repairs
  • Peace of mind for one of your most significant investments

“WIN will conduct an inspection of your home and provide a report that is specifically tailored for you,” Mike added. “The report points out areas that need attention or need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis.”

Mike adds that each home is different, with its own unique set of “hot spots.”

“We want to help property owners get the intended life expectancy of each component or system in their home.”

Using WIN for your annual Home Maintenance Inspections

WIN Home Maintenance Inspection

“WIN Home Inspection is exceptional,” said WIN Customer Vicki H. “They pieced together subtle information to make critical observations that someone less astute would have missed.”

Vicki further explained that her inspector provided a thorough report with pictures, outlining all areas that were inspected and discovered issues that potentially saved her a massive amount of money. These issues, if overlooked for some time, could have led to expensive repairs. “As a homeowner, I would recommend an annual inspection for every home. It’s a small investment that can go a long way in keeping your home safe and healthy for your family”, says Vicki.  

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