Many homeowners find themselves stuck in a house with too little space. While the easy answer would be to simply add more rooms, that strategy can get quite expensive.

On the other hand, those who are feeling cramped could turn to alternative home improvement solutions. Not every method involves an addition, and there are plenty of unique and creative ways to increase living space with a reasonable budget. However, homeowners should always consult a property inspection professional before and after renovations. Taking the time to have this step completed could guarantee that the job is done right.

Look for creative solutions

An addition is costly. Even small projects add up, and many homeowners may not have the funds for these types of home improvements. Instead, a home inspection could be a helpful way to figure out what needs to be fixed around a house, or where remodeling projects can take place.

There are plenty of ways to increase living space and save money at the same time, according to financial advice website Kiplinger. In order to get started, architect Sarah Susanka told the news source that homeowners should declutter. This step is vital because it could be difficult to figure how much space is actually inside a home with a ton of stuff getting in the way. Now is also a good time to look for any energy-efficient upgrades that could take place. These changes could cut costs in the future or increase the value of the house.

One room that may need some attention is the kitchen, the news source noted. These areas often need to be multipurpose, but too little space and cramped quarters often get in the way. One possible solution instead of building a new room altogether is to reconfigure the current floor plan. Larger rooms nearby, like the living room or dining room, could be joined to the kitchen. Removing a wall is more cost-effective than other solutions, then the kitchen can be re-designed.

Moreover, the basement could be another room that could use an upgrade. According to Kiplinger, existing supports and ductwork could be moved around to accommodate a new design. The existing storage space could then be turned into a new living room, bedroom or bathroom.

A property inspection is a smart idea before or after any major improvement project. This way, homeowners can rest easy knowing the work was completed in the best possible fashion.

Look to increase the house's value

Better layouts, more space and energy-efficient homes are all great ways to raise the property's value. According to, renovations are good strategies, but some projects are better than others. When homeowners are looking to expand the living space, they should pick and choose what other tasks are completed as well.

For example, a fresh coat of paint after the most recent improvement project is always a good idea, the news source noted. This can make a room look new, even if it isn't. Potential buyers typically enjoy neutral tones, although different choices can be made for each room. Bright colors could be unattractive to some, and flashy wallpaper or other unique options should be avoided.

In addition, homeowners should never feel constrained by their space. A two-bedroom house could be much more, explained. There are always creative ways to expand on an existing property, and not every upgrade has to cost a lot of money. The easiest solution could be the best, like rearranging the floor plan, switching furniture or adding new appliances. Regardless of choice, a home inspection is a vital part of any renovation project.