Your home maintenance checklist changes in conjunction with the seasons, and it may have grown substantially with the arrival of spring. Knowing where to focus your energy when you have a weekend off or can squeeze in a project helps you improve the condition of your property. 

Get going on your to-do list and start enjoying the fairer weather. 

Roof and gutter 

The cold temperatures, snow and ice can wreak havoc on your roof and gutters, according to Cozi, a family life publication and resource. Conduct a home inspection and make sure that all shingles are still in good condition and that none are missing. If it was a particularly rough winter and your roof has been in need of replacement, consider investing in a new one sooner rather than later. While replacing a roof can be expensive, the damage that may ensue from rain and moisture due to ineffective and insufficient shingles can wind up putting a larger dent in your bank account. 

Gutters help prevent water damage as rain increases. Ensure that there is no debris blocking these drains and that your down spout successfully funnels water away from your roof and foundation to cut down on the risk of water damage to your house. 

Landscaping and other exterior improvement 

It's finally growing season, so you should take advantage of the change in weather. This is especially important after a long season that may have killed certain plants and shrubs. Take out anything that has died and replace it with fresh new plants. 

In addition, Realtor Magazine recommended adding more mulch to cultivate the healthy growth of your shrubs, bushes and other plants. This can help keep weeds at bay and improve your plants' ability to retain valuable moisture and nutrients. 

You will also want to check that all trees are healthy. If the branches and limbs are weak, cut them away as they may damage your property if they fall. Consider hiring a professional to remove any large trees that suffer from disease or have died over the course of winter. 

As the weather warms up, you can also finally spruce up some other aspects of your home's exterior. Jack up your curb appeal and apply a new coat of paint to your home and front door. Also consider repairing your driveway or sidewalk if there are cracks and potholes present from the long winter. 

Improve energy efficiency 

Springtime provides the perfect opportunity to cut down your energy bill and improve your environmental-friendliness. Consider replacing old windows and appliances with Energy Star products. While this can be expensive to replace and install, it also will save you a substantial chunk of change down the road, according to Energy Star. 

Spring is also a great time to add more insulation to your home. This will help keep the cool in and heat out during those scorching summer days. Contemplate having an energy audit completed to evaluate how much insulation you should install to improve your ability to keep the house you call home comfortable for less money. 

Replace your light bulbs 

If you are looking to save more money this spring, replacing your old light bulbs with energy efficient ones can help cut your bill down even more. According to Energy Star, you can save $30 to $80 over the bulb's lifetime by switching to an Energy Star-certified product. 

In addition, these bulbs produce 70 to 90 percent less heat making it a safer option for your home as well. 

Maintain your air conditioner (and heater, too!)

Before the weather gets too warm, you will also want to check out your air conditioner. Consider having the unit serviced to make sure there aren't any issues that may impact the performance of the device when you need it most. 

If you decide to clean the air conditioner yourself, suggested first changing out your air filter. In addition, you will want to turn of the unit and then clean the attached evaporator coils. They are fastened with screws and metal foil HVAC tape. By removing the metal foil and screws you can access the coils to clean them using a no-rinse coil cleaner intended specifically for your air conditioner. Successfully doing this can drastically improve the efficiency of your unit. 

In addition to servicing your air conditioner, you should also check out your heater as well. Even though you won't be using it until temperatures drop again, you want to ensure it is ready to use. If your unit is on its last leg, consider replacing it this spring. 

Springtime calls for renewal in every aspect of your life. Your home and property is no exception. Make your to-do list and improve the condition of your house while the weather is beautiful outside.