Once you have decided whether you want to purchase an above-ground or in-ground pool, there are a few things you'll need to do before plunging into this investment. In some instances you might to do something specific for each type of pool and in others you will likely follow the same process. 

Follow these tips to ensure you can start enjoying your backyard oasis: 

Talk to a pool pro

Whether you decided an in-ground or above-ground pool was best for you, you will need to consult a pool professional. Swimmingpool.com noted this is a great way to determine the size, cost and whether there are any zoning restrictions that would keep you from installing your dream pool. 

Each neighborhood and area differs when it comes to zoning laws and talking to a local expert can help you ensure you lawfully embark on installation.

A property inspection or inviting him or her to your home to view your property may also help give a pool professional a better idea of how to accommodate your wants and needs. 

Find a pool builder or installer 

If you invest in an in-ground pool, you will want to get a few estimates from various builders. Ask neighbors, friends or family members for recommendations and check out reviews of various contractors. You might also be able to ask a professional if you would be able to see some of his or her work. By evaluating different professionals you can feel more confident in your ultimate decision. 

While you might be able to install an above-ground pool yourself, you can also request to have it done professionally. Again, interviewing multiple professionals and getting quotes from various installers can help you decide who to hire.

If you hire a professional installation team or contractors, ask how long it will take for the project to be completed. HGTV noted above-ground pools can take only a few days while an in-ground pool will take a few weeks. 

Landscaping for your pool 

You want your pool to look good in your yard. Adding landscaping features can help enhance the appearance of your oasis. Pools, Spas & Patios suggested first deciding whether you want a lot of color or simply green with a few punches of reds or violets. Additionally, you might want to incorporate plants that do not require as much care into your design if you don't think you can dedicate the time to plant care. 

Prepare the soil around your pool for landscaping. Cultivate it so the roots can spread into the ground easily. When planting, you can ask for assistance from a local garden center or do it yourself. 

If you have an above-ground pool, consider installing a deck as well and placing potted plants around the water.  

Plant trees if you would like to enjoy some shade, privacy or a wind block. Various breeds of trees grow at different speeds. Do some research or speak with a professional at your local garden center before planting trees. 

Materials for an in-ground pool 
An in ground pool can be made of concrete, vinyl or fiberglass. Speak with your pool professional about these options. In-ground pools may allow more freedom with your design or might be easier on your wallet. For example, a vinyl pool is more affordable, but it limits the shapes you can achieve with your design. 

When you invest in an in-ground pool you will likely also need to decide what color your want it to be. If you have a vinyl pool, you can choose from a few different patterns of usually blue or white shades. A concrete pool can be painted to accommodate your pool color preference or you can even do tile work to really make the design stand out.

Selecting a shape for your pool 

You have more shape options to choose from when investing in an in-ground pool. However, you can also select your preferred shape for an above-ground structure as well. Available options depend largely on inventory, but round or oval designs are typically available for above-ground pools. 

If you invest in an in-ground pool, your shape options greatly increase. Your choice may depend on budget and the space available in your backyard. Rising Sun Pools noted shapes depend on whether you decide to build a fiberglass, vinyl or concrete pool. 

Concrete pools give you the most room for creative expression while vinyl and fiberglass typically have fewer options available. If your backyard has a number of trees or landscaping to work around, you might consider investing in a beautiful concrete pool you can customize specifically to your backyard design. 

A swimming pool is a perfect summer addition to your home. By knowing what to expect when installing an above-ground or in-ground pool you can move forward with your decision more confidently.