The backyard of any home should be a go-to spot for relaxation, especially during the summer months. The possibilities of fun and relaxation are endless. Children can be playing on the grass while the parents sit back on lounge chairs and soak up the sun. Backyards are also key places for families to keep the grill and entertain guests during parties and other gatherings.

Homeowners should always look to enhance their property's value. Not only will upgrades increase the overall aesthetic and usefulness of certain spaces but the home's value can go up during a future sale. The backyard shouldn't be ignored as a result.

There are many options homeowners have when it comes to the makeup of their backyard. If you're looking to bring new ideas to the outdoor space, you should take a few factors into mind before making any concrete plans. For instance, ask yourself what the space is currently used for. If you have young children, your needs will differ from a couple who may be retired and have no children to look after anymore. In this instance, the retired couple may opt to design the outdoor space to maximize comfort, whereas the family will likely incorporate child-friendly ideas.

Likewise, the amount of space available will also play a big factor.

If you're stumped on how to get the most out of your backyard space, there are a few ideas you can put on your to-do list.

Outdoor dining area

You may already have furniture residing outside, but it's time to upgrade. According to House Beautiful, an outdoor dining area is one amazing backyard idea you can look to incorporate. The purpose of this design is to make the outdoor space suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You'll want to swap out your existing furniture set with items that are more comfortable for the outdoors, such as wicker chairs. This design is simple, yet serves many functions, from reading a tablet and drinking coffee, to enjoying a tasty dinner as the sun sets.

A backyard fireplace

Fireplaces are an excellent item to have behind your home. Depending on how creative you want to get, you may look to build an enclosed structure. You can't just jump into the building phase, as HGTV recommended you plan out the fireplace. Decide on a location, the purpose and the materials you'll want to use.

Fireplaces are a great backyard design idea because of their versatility. Homeowners can have guests over, where everyone sits around the warmth of the fire and enjoys each other's company. If you have children, you can also sit outside with them and they'll likely be excited about the prospect of roasted marshmallows. A fireplace also offers great flexibility, as it can be used for a good portion of the year, although your exact usage will vary depending on your location. For instance, you can sit outside by the fire, starting in the spring and lasting through enjoyable fall nights. A fireplace can help you enjoy the last few days outside before winter arrives.

If you go with this idea, you may find it worthwhile to even install an outdoor television above the fireplace. However, you'll want to ensure the TV is protected from the elements and glare, according to Apartment Therapy. As such, you can invest in a flat​-screen specifically designed to handle the elements, such as rain, dust and humidity.

Install a court

Families looking to build a safe playing environment may want to install some type of backyard court. This design can range from simple, such as a concrete basketball court, to more complex, such as a multipurpose playing area. The idea is to let your children have fun but still remain under the watchful eye of parents.

A concrete court is a less expensive option, and can be complete with varying amounts of space. The multipurpose playing surface, which can be suitable for basketball and tennis, will need more space and a certain type of playing surface, according to Sport Court. These shock-absorbent surfaces will ensure any basketball scrimmage will be as fun as possible.

For maximum relaxation

The best part about a backyard revolves around the endless options. If your area is feeling a bit void, House Beautiful recommended ideas such as building a shed for personal or guest use. More ambitious homeowners may be interested in constructing an open-air pavilion with a daybed, perfect for a mid-afternoon nap. Artistic and crafty individuals may want to base their setups around French inspirations by making the space as intimate as possible.

Likewise, your backyard may have an exorbitant amount of space. Perhaps you even have the opportunity of calling a lake your swimming pool. In those instances, you should the water and dock into design ideas. You can place two lounge chairs, a small table and umbrella on the edge of the pier, making this spot a favorite for summer relaxation. You may even incorporate a lakeside patio with a fire pit.

Backyards, like houses, come in all shapes and sizes. No matter if the area is all grass or concrete, there are design ideas to bring life to any backyard. Your remodeling plans should focus on comfort and keep in mind the needs of your family as well. Also keep in mind that if you make any drastic changes, you'll have to contact a home inspection company to ensure everything is safe.

Even something as simple as putting up a hammock will make the backyard quite enticing.