DIY Family Projects for Home Improvement

If you’re part of the always-on-the-move, on-to-the-next-project, go-getting generation, quarantine may seem like torture. Or is it? Spending time at home in quarantine doesn’t have to mean being unproductive. Perhaps, this is the right time to revisit those DIY home projects you wish you could accomplish if you just have some extra time. Here are some that you can start right away.

Work on that Green Thumb

green leafed plant field planted on brown soil

Have an existing garden? You can make use of the extra time to rearrange your crops. You can start by mapping out the layout of the garden to allow for maximum output all through the growing season and of course, to create a pleasant aesthetics for your yard. To plan your garden, you first have to decide which plants you wish to grow and how much space each type of plant needs. Based on these, you can determine the measurement of your garden beds.

If you don’t care for getting all messy working on soil, try the soil-less way of growing plants—hydroponics gardening. This method of growing crops can also be done even if you don’t have much space in your yard or you live in an apartment where having a garden is next to impossible. All you need is a container to hold the plants, a hydroponic nutrient solution, a growing medium, seedlings, and water to get started with this new hobby. 

You can grow a wide range of greens, herbs, strawberries, and tomatoes. Don’t have space outside? No problem, you can grow indoors using artificial lights. With the hydroponics method, there’s no reason not to enjoy fresh produce all year round.

Woodwork Galore

eyeglasses on top of table

If you have a shed or a garage filled with all types of woodworking tools, perhaps it’s time to put those to good use while you’re stuck at home. You can get your feet wet with easy woodworking projects like benches and toolbox where you can store all those equipment. Or you can try constructing a workbench first where your succeeding woodworking masterpieces will be built when you’re up to the task of building more complex pieces.

Who knows? This quarantine period could be all the nudge that you need to build that pergola, shed, Adirondack chair, or bed. You have all the time in the world and the vast resources of the internet for woodworking plans so getting started on this should be easy.

Spruce Up the Living Room

green succulent on white and pink pot

It’s amazing how a few little additions and organizing stuff can enliven the atmosphere of your living room. Light and quirky vase there, some DIY throw pillows here, and a window treatment that allows for just enough light to come into the room could spell a world of difference. 

And while you’re at it, you might even be inspired to go the extra mile of repainting the living room walls or create some art to grace those walls. You have the time to do these and some additions won’t even set you back a couple of dollars, so a bit of inspiration may be all you need to get those creative juices flowing.

Build a Fire Pit

close-up photography of bonfire during daytime

You can go fire-happy and build a backyard fire pit with extra time in your hands. If you have a bag of cement or pavers and wall blocks lying around, you can make a simple and inexpensive fire pit. But if you can make a quick visit to your local home improvement store, there shouldn’t be any problem going for an elaborate version of a backyard fire pit. You can go for a ready-to-go fire pit kit. Or you can get adventurous and start from scratch with nothing but pavers, gravel, gel canister or wood, and a bit of ingenuity to make one.

Not ready to build a full-sized fire pit yet? Try your hands with artsy fire pits that would make a great addition to your living room. All you need is a cement or terra cotta pot, fire pit glass, wire mesh, and a non-toxic gel fuel and you’re all set to make your own cute indoor fire pit.

Be a Bookworm—Create a Library

assorted-title book lot on bookshelves

You now have all the time to catch up on your reading. So grab those unread books that you’ve been meaning to finish for they will be a comfort to you during this time when you’re under quarantine. And when you’re done exploring the pages of those books, you can go the extra mile and organize your collection. You can find a nook in your room, living area, or an extra room and convert it into an amazing display any bibliophile would be proud of.

Give Masterchefs a Run for their Money

selective focus photography of green and orange vegetables on black container

At a time when you can’t visit your favorite restaurant, it’ll be up to you to brush up on your cooking skills so that you can still enjoy good food while on quarantine. Grab on your chef’s hat and prepare to heat up the kitchen. You can start by following the recipes of renowned chefs that are easily available online. And when you’re audacious and confident, you can try cooking experimentally.

After you’ve tried your hand with starters and entree dishes, it’s time to move on to your baking skills. After all, the menus wouldn’t be complete without indulging your sweet tooth. Cheesecakes, trifles, and other pastries are the perfect dessert to cap off the meal.

Make Personalized Keepsakes

gray knitted beanie hat

Missing your family and friends? In an age when social distancing is fast becoming the new norm, physical distance shouldn’t be a hindrance in letting your loved ones know you care. This is a good time to put your art skills to good use by creating handmade gifts for your loved ones. 

A loved one celebrating her birthday? Customize a wall decor for her. The birth of a child? Knit a beanie hat or a blanket with the baby’s name. Celebrating a milestone? Gift her with a potted plant. With these thoughtful gifts, quarantine doesn’t have to mean isolation. It could simply mean more time to show people they matter.

Build or Sew Something for Your Pet

short-coated white dog

When you are under quarantine, you’ll never feel more grateful for the loyalty, comfort, and the gift of companionship that your pet offers. So since you have lots of time in your hands, now’s the best time to express your appreciation for your furry friends. If you’re good with the sewing machine, time to upgrade your pet’s closet with fun, comical, and quirky costume. Your pet can even play fashion model while you document the whole thing.

Having you around the house is pleasure enough for your four-legged pal. Having a new dig that you built yourself would be paradise. If you have unused pallets in your shed, those would make great material for an outdoor dog playhouse. With its feed and water bowl, plus insulation, light, and favorite toys inside, your dog will have a grand time even if it can’t go to the dog park when you’re under quarantine.


Quarantine time can be your most productive time. Just use the time to pursue those hobbies you’ve been meaning to start on. This way, you’ll feel more refreshed, creative, and vibrant when it’s time to go back and engage with society.


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