Clean the windows

Every homeowner has to spice up their house before and during a showing. If you're looking to receive most, if not all, of your asking price, you have to take the showing seriously.

Many factors play into the opinion of visitors. The big ones revolve around cleaning every area and moving furniture around to make rooms come off as larger. In the midst of getting ready for a showing, there are some minor details that shouldn't be overlooked, because they can help improve your home's appeal. Even the smallest detail can push potential homebuyers away. When selling your house, pour over every single last detail to avoid missing some important areas.

Consider new additions

In your haste to clean up precious counter-top space and the shower, you might overlook some important areas that need cleaning. These can include the space under beds, and that hard to reach corner. Whatever you do, don't forget to clean your windows.

When the sun is out and shining throughout your house, it's relatively easy to see smudges on windows. Onlookers will notice as well. Grab the nearest bottle of window cleaner and wash them, both inside and out.

Windows that are cleaned actually provide a few benefits other than appearing well-maintained. According to Trulia, clean windows let in more natural sunlight to make the rooms stand out even more. This even applies on overcast days. Don't let the winter blues let you think you can let windows stay dirty. Take advantage of the relatively pleasant weather before winter truly arrives.

If your windows are dirtier and can't be cleaned with a cleaning solution, consider hiring a professional to complete the service for you. In the end, you'll be thankful you did.

It's all about organization

For some showings, you may want to consider utilizing new furniture to maximize the room's value. No, you don't have to go out and order a custom-made sectional sofa. Instead, if you have a spare room that used to function as your office, consider turning it into a spare bedroom during the showing. All you'll need is an air mattress and bed frame.

On the other hand, if you have any dingy outlets or switch plates, switch those out. Again, potential homebuyers will pour over every last detail and will notice old accessories. Luckily, both of those are inexpensive. That small cost will pay for itself once you receive an offer.

Tidy up the cabinets

As growing families know all too well, space is precious. It's often the reason some choose to refinance their mortgage and obtain money to build an addition. Even that extra space might not be enough.

That being said, onlookers have to be presented with a house that is organized and has the space for organization. Tidy up every closet, and if need be, create or purchase shelves, hangers and bins. To further impress potential buyers, color code your clothes for maximum impact.

Next is the garage, a space everyone uses differently. Some families use the space to park their cars and store extra possessions, while others have built and extra area to hang out in. No matter your usage, tidy up the garage. Hang up the bikes, clean up the cords and organize the tools. When it comes to a showing, it may be beneficial to showcase the versatility of the garage by having a workshop in one corner, and television and mini-fridge in the other.

Finally, be ready for potential buyers to look through everything, including the refrigerator and cabinet above the sink. Clean and tidy up these spaces as well, and if need be, create an illusion. Stock your fridge with a variety of food, fruits, vegetables and drinks. At the end of the showing, you'll at least have the ingredients for a delicious dinner.

Home showings are a stressful time for homeowners. A high level of preparation is needed to ensure those who come by to look are seeing the best of what your house has to offer. It's important to not overlook minor details when preparing for a showing, as potential buyers will notice.