How to purify the air in your home 

There are many contaminates that affect your indoor air quality. After recognizing possible pollutants, it is important to understand ways to keep your IAQ healthy and clean. 

Cancer Nutrition Centers of America recommended increasing the amount of ventilation in your home. Use bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to cut down on humidity. Also, consider opening a window when the weather is more mild.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency noted that it is especially important to . Ideally, you should keep humidity between 30 percent and 50 percent - 60 percent max. If you would like to monitor your humidity level, consider purchasing a humidity meter from your local hardware store. 

While keeping humidity levels low is important when trying to keep mold and mildew from growing in your home, it is also crucial to avoid indoor air that is too dry. Cold and flu viruses may flourish in dry air, according to CNCA. Maintain a balance when controlling your IAQ. 

If you notice condensation or a leak, fix these issues as quickly as you are able and perform a mold inspection, the EPA reported. Keeping surfaces dry, locating the source of leaks and fixing the issue is crucial. 

Air filters and cleaners help improve your IAQ
CNCA also suggested installing air filters and cleaners in your home. You can make sure your air is cleaner and trap harmful pollutants. Speak with a professional at your local hardware store to determine which whole-house air filtration system is best for you and your family. An air-purifying system may be another option you may want to consider. You can purchase a small unit for one room in the house or even find whole-house systems. Shop around and know what type of purifier each room in your home needs.

Also, make sure that you are regularly changing the filters on your heating and cooling systems. These can can blow a great deal of contaminants into your home. Check these filters and replace them every two or three months. 

Keeping your home clean and dusting regularly are important chores that help keep your IAQ healthy. My Home Ideas suggested to avoid spreading dust particles in the air. 

Indoor plants may also help keep your home healthy 
The Mother Nature Network indicated that by , you can improve your IAQ. Select plants that help clean your air and are easy to maintain. If necessary, also consider investing in plants that are both children and pet friendly. 

Spider plants help filter xylene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene. They are also resilient, require very little care and safe for everyone. Chinese evergreens are another houseplant that can help remove pollutants and toxins from the air and do not require a great deal of light or care. 

Your air indoors should be high quality. You spend a great deal of time inside your home - ensure that you can breathe healthy and clean air every day.